Friday, 18 January 2013

Winter Glamour - Petite

United Kingdom
Hey there!
I'd like to share some of my 'Winter Glamour' outfit ideas and what type of body shape they suit, so enjoy! :)
Today I will show you what is the perfect Winter outfit for a day to night glamour for petite body shapes.
My figure is petite but also curvy and from my personal experience I know that this outfit will suit this body shape:
This top will make your bust appear bigger and your stomach flatter.

These skinny Parisian jeans will elongate your legs and compliment your curves.
This blazer is good to cover up if you have so-called 'bingo wings' .
These black Chelsea boots will also elongate your pins and will give you the chic look.

A clutch bag is essential for you to store your phone, camera or/and money, and also makes your outfit more elegant.
Big drop earrings like those make your face look slimmer, especially if you have short hair.

Studs are very rock chic this Winter, so the more the better!

There's nothing better than showing some love and peace this season.

Flowers will give you the instant girly look. The more bracelets the better your outfit looks.

This hairstyle is perfect to match this outfit. Very effortless but a sleek ponytail will make your face look slimmer. If you're stuck with short hair, then invest in some hair extensions!:)

Thick eye-liner flicks will give you the catwalk look and instantly glam up your whole outfit.
Click on the icons above to check out hair/makeup tutorials or buy the garments online, thank you! :)

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