Monday, 11 February 2013

Winter Glamour - Apple

United Kingdom
Oh my, it's been a long time since I last updated my blog so here we go, welcome back! :)
In this post I am going to include a few tips on how to flatter your figure if you're apple-shaped. This is going to be the final post about the Winter Glamour as Spring is finally approaching and so is the big V day!
Personally I'm stressing out as I do not know what to wear or to buy for my other half so hopefully I will draw some inspirations from other bloggers or websites. Anyway, lets get to work :)
If you're unsure what an apple-shaped figure looks like just read on:
-your legs are quite long
-your shoulders are rather narrowed
-your waist is rounded
-your hips are average

This snakeskin red tulip dress will make you look slimmer and  your waist will look more defined. The short sleeves will make your shoulders appear slightly wider so they look more proportional to the rest of your body.
This ponte notch neck blazer will define your waist as it's short  it will make your hips look bigger than your waist.

These beautiful leather wedge chunky heels will automatically elongate your legs and give you a slightly edgy look.

This clutch bag is big this season and will  add a chic look to your outfit.

This hairstyle would be perfect for this outfit, especially if you have long and thick hair (if not, wear extensions)

Natural eye makeup will make your eye colour stand out. Also, you don't want to look over the top especially when wearing this outfit. If you feel more comfortable wearing more makeup then go ahead and apply some Kohl eye-liner.

In my next post I will start using my own photos and techniques, can't wait! :D

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