Monday, 14 October 2013

Fashion at College

Hey y'all!
I've been thinking of creating a few collages or maybe just edit a few pics of what I'm up to at college. Well, it will most likely be made up of many outfits haha! Seeing as I chose two new subjects to study instead of sociology and history, it is pretty safe to say that I'm very pleased with the progress I've been making. I especially love psychology. It is such an interesting subject, and once you understand everything it will become very straight forward and easy!
Because I have nobody to impress at college with my looks as I have a gorgeous boyfriend, then most days I look like an utter tramp, but that's acceptable because everyone loves me the way I am ;) on a serious note though, I really need to start making more effort, especially as Winter is coming soon and this requires me to wear more make up and wear more clothes! I think I need to go shopping again haha. There are many things on my October wish list, however I need to save up and get a new job! I'm literally broke and most of my clothes are quite old, I'm not complaining cos I still love them and if I get bored of something then I will change it up a bit hehe.
I have bought this gorgeous ring in New Look yesterday and I LOVE IT!! It has those cute little leopards on it and is stretchy so it fits all sizes. Here are some pics:

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