Saturday, 5 October 2013

Goose Fair ☆

So I went to Goose Fair on Thursday and Friday and totally loved it! The weather wasn't the best as it was raining quite a lot, however I had a lot of fun! On Thursday I went there with my family, I wasn't feeling very well so I didn't go on any extreme rides, only the ghost train and bumper cars. I can tell I will be an amazing driver already hehe ;) I had a lot of fun when I went to it with my friends on Friday, until I smacked my head on a metal bar on one of the rides :( it left me with a big lump at the back of my head and it has been hurting non stop ever since :/ I'm too clumsy! I love winning little prizes! I did the hook a duck challenge and won a little care bear woo! I love Goose Fair food, I couldn't help myself but buy flying saucers, toffee and chocolate apples and sour worms! Mmm and also a few cans of mushy peas ;) I love it! The weather was much better on Friday than Thursday, so that made the day slightly better. Anyway, here are some pics to sum up this years Goose Fair.


  1. i love food, goose fair and your blog!!! check out my blog-

    1. Aww thank you darling! Of course I will have a look xoxo


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