Saturday, 2 November 2013

Favourite magazines

I think I caught some kind of a bug from a take away I had the other night as I keep feeling really sick and all :( so I thought I'm gonna treat myself to some magazines to kill some time. Personally, my favourite one is Glamour as I get it every month. My second favourite is obviously Vogue, and then I took my mum's copy of InStyle. It's going to be a busy evening!
When I saw that Katy Perry was on the front cover of Glamour magazine I fangirled a little bit. She is by far my favourite female singer and also the most beautiful one too! I also adore Drew Barrymore and Claire Danes as they are wonderful actresses. I love love love love Drew Barrymore in 'Riding in cars with boys'. She is such an inspiration. Both me and my boyfriend Kieran like the film 'Stardust' and Claire Danes is the brightest star in that film.
There are many more films with those actresses that I like, but I will leave it for another post ;)
Stay gorgeous, stay stylish.

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