Monday, 21 April 2014

'A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you' - Elbert Hubbard

Hello my lovelies!
In today's post I wanted to share with you what I got up to those past two weeks. It mostly included going out for meals and clubbing, so I wasn't locked in my own room revising the whole time! Even though that sounds like such a better idea, seeing as my exams are next month boohoo! :(
Here is one of the pictures from the photoshoot. We thought that instead of posing bluntly trying to look like Miranda Kerr or Cara Delevingne we will let our personalities come out and take a few crazy photographs!
On Thursday the 17th of April, it was my best friend Mariyam's birthday (she's the one in the middle wearing the pink sash). Obviously, I am the blonde girl on the left side! I wore a black, mesh leotard and a pink lacy skater skirt, both from Miss Selfridge.
My dress is from Topshop and my heels from Primark. The pendant I'm wearing is from New Look which was bought a few years ago on sale for whopping £2.50!!
I went to another birthday meal on the 15th of April for my close friends 18th. I'm wearing Primark cut out high waisted shorts, Primark lacy crop top, New Look black suede open toe wedges and George by Asda's floral blazer.
Talk about a throwback! This is me over 2 years ago when I used to wear my hair extensions nearly every day!!
I recently watched the 12 years a slave film and I love it! It inspired me so much that I had to buy the book to get more information about the authors life as a slave, as I don't believe that films include enough information from the book.
Just look at my mums fantastic spaghetti bolognese!!! She's a fantastic cook and I couldn't resist taking a picture of my meal :)
Lots of love,
Maya xo


  1. Amazing Pictures! Also love your Outfits ,you look gorgeous :)
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  3. I'm here, I see a very good time! Greetings to you!


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