Monday, 31 October 2016


It's officially a boots season now - and I'm not talking about the chemist type (that's an all year-rounder!). Today I wanted to talk about taking care of different types of boots to make them last you for years.

I've recently come across the brand King Ranch, which is an online shop that stocks everything - from durable boots for men, to stylish boots for women, to bags and clothes. I absolutely love their amazing shoe and bag collection, and decided to share some tips with y'all!

I particularly love their Hobo Bag in the colour Sombra Docil (even the name sounds prestige!), and these gorgeous turquoise boots! Oh, and this scarf would look amazing if paired up with the boots!

So this is KR's way of taking care of boots, and now listen out to my top tips!

1) Wipe with a damp cloth after each wear to remain the shine and cleanliness. This way your boots will look brand new each time you take them out for a spin! - I'm currently obsessed with funky boots like the ones above which are from Topshop (I bought them in the sale for £20!), and the floral pattern ones from Miss Selfridge, which are a massive statement piece this Winter.

2) Make sure the boots don't rub on each other as you're walking because it will cause the material to break and even separate. The best thing to do is practice walking with your legs slightly apart or put one foot in front of the other. I'm very clumsy and tend to scrape my shoes really badly which is so upsetting as then I'm force to part with my favourites!! :(

3) Pay attention to detail, make sure that the stitching doesn't come apart, and if it does then fix it quickly! This will ensure that your boots are looking great, and brand new at all times! - I keep a handy little DIY kit in my bag, just in case the heel started to part with the shoe or the stitching came off etc.

4) If your shoes have a zip (like both of my pairs) then you need to make sure you zip them up properly so they don't come out the "hinges" or get stuck. This is very important as it costs quite a bit to get this problem fixed.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and will follow KR's instructions on how to look after your boots during this time of year! I tried to help out too but I guess my tips are mostly common sense anyway!

How do you care for your boots during the cold weather?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

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