Friday, 21 April 2017


If you've read my First Impressions post of the Gravitate Supplements then you'd know that I was very excited to try these as I've been struggling with losing weight for years now. Well, now it is time to reveal the big results - have I lost weight?

I try to eat healthily but I'm not very strict with my diet as I don't believe in depriving myself of foods such as chocolate etc as long as I'm being smart about what I eat and then work it off at the gym.

I've been trying to go gym at least twice a week but it was hard to do so around deadlines at uni so some days I was slacking and others I've been really good and sticking to my daily schedule.

My start weight was: 10st 1lbs
Current weight: 9st 9lbs
Lost: 6lbs

I was aiming to lose a stone however, like I mentioned above I didn't stick to a strict diet or exercise plan. I just went ahead and carried on with my busy student life and tried to work out and eat as well as I could have. I still think that losing nearly half a stone is a pretty good achievement and I'm proud of myself. I don't feel as bloated as I did before and I can wear my old jeans very comfortably now ha ha!!

It was a bit of a pain trying to remember to take the tablets, but it did pay off in the end and I couldn't be happier. I know for a fact that next time I would stick to a stricter plan to see if it makes a bigger difference, but for now I'm going to sit back and enjoy a chocolate digestive or two hehe.

*This post contains PR samples.

Have you tried any weight-loss aids? Has it helped you reach your goal?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

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