Sunday, 29 September 2013

New news :)

Hello again!
As I promised, I'm going to post more pics of my recent purchases.
Pink camisole - Tesco
Flowery leggings - Topshop
Coral frilly socks - Primark
Gold pendant - New Look
JD jumper - Charity shop
Lacy crop top - Primark
Lacy leotard - Primark
Fuschia frilly socks - Primark
Hair extensions - Sleek
Silver hair dye - Joico
Bracelet - River Island
Assorted candles - Yankee
Unicorn slippers - Primark
Assorted DVDs + CDs
Well, those are my most recent purchases! See you soon my lovelies! :* ♡


Hello Fabulous!
I'm so naughty, haven't been posting much lately AGAIN!
I've just been so busy with college, seeing as I decided to choose different subjects to what I did last year so now I have to catch up with all the work, boohoo! :(
I will try and post as much as possible now, I realised that blogging also takes time as much as revision does -_-
Well, today I have made a collage of my new purchases, there's not a lot because for some odd reason my silly phone won't let me send pics to my laptop :S, so I will include the rest of the pics in another post via my phone. Hope this month at school/college/uni has gone as fast as mine has! There's just so much work to do nowadays, and I always finish doing my hw and revision around 7-8 so I barely have any time for myself therefore less time for blogging :(
Anyway, these are my new purchases:
Creepers, fur coat, tartan socks, books, shloer, American goodies, and some new DVD's.
I have bought many more things since then so watch out for my next post!
Mwahh :*
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