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Review || Battle of the Primers

Hey Darlings!
One of the most frequently asked questions is 'how to get flawless skin?'. Well ladies and gentlemen, I have the answer to your question - PRIMER. Even the best foundation won't give you the same effect as it would with the use of a good primer. In this post I will talk about three top rated primers and what I really think about them.

First, we've got Benefit's POREfessional which was my very first primer ever. It is rated No. 1 best selling primer in the UK! So I bet all of you are thinking - is it really that good? I must have it! Let's take a look at the packaging of the product. It is in a form of a long slim tube which is easy to squeeze out. It feels like silicone when you touch it (the packaging) and is also soft when you bend it to get the product out. 
On the front of the product, it tells you what it is and what it's used for. Best way to apply this product is to use it like a moisturiser but only on your t-zone, unless you are going for the more-than-flawless look.
Few of the advantages of this product are that it is very silky and lightweight when you put it on. Your skin will feel very smooth and velvet in touch. This is literally the best feeling in the world, it's like stroking a puppy for the first time! It is also oil-free which means that it will reduce the appearance of oily skin and give you a matte/velvet effect without the shine.
It's even written in a few languages! How cool is that?! The product itself is very soft and silky in touch and easy to apply. Just make sure that you moisturise your face and let it dry before you apply any sort of primer on your face.
As you can see it is a nude colour, however it comes out transparent on your face so you can't see it. It fills out any pores, fine lines and wrinkles and leaves a protective, soft in touch layer on top of your skin so the foundation stays on for longer and doesn't clog up your pores. 
Spread it out in circular motion to get perfect coverage in wanted areas.
As you can see, my hand looks very smooth and the appearance of lines has been reduced due to this amazing product. This is by far my favourite primer and sadly I have ran out of the big tube and will definitely repurchase it around Christmas time or maybe for my birthday as a little treat!
Overall rating: 10/10
Next, we have MAC's Prep+Prime. I have heard many good things about this primer and have always wanted to try it out for myself and see if it's worth the hype or not. The packaging of this primer is very elegant and looks very high end. The bottle is shiny and silky in touch which gives it the proper catwalk product effect.
Very simplistic design, however it appeals to make-up geeks such as myself as it just looks so sophisticated.
Little info on what the product is and how to use it, just like the Benefit primer, it's also written in other languages. It is advised to use this product up within 6 months of the day you opened it, however the Benefit primer lasts for up to 12 months. Value for money, eh.
The product is very luminous, it shines from left to right as if to wake your face up and give it a natural glow. It comes out in a form of a moisturiser which makes it a lot easier to apply the product and spread it out evenly. You can also use this product without a moisturiser as it calms and soothes the skin while blotting out redness and oil leaving the skin shine-free but with a natural radiance. 
Spread the product around your face like a moisturiser for the best effect.
As you can see, my hand looks shiny, as if someone chucked shimmer all over me. This is the kind of effect you will get when using this product, so it looks like a natural glow instead of giving a dull matte effect to the skin. I recommend this product for people with dull and dry skin as it would be perfect for them.
Overall rating: 8/10
As you can already probably see, this is a dupe of Benefit's POREfessional. The packaging looks similar and even the shape is the same. The feel of the tube is soft but harsh at the same time, it almost feels like the anti-slip grip on slipper socks! It is called the 5-action perfector, we shall see if it's really that good...
The all-in-one slogan states that the product controls shine, reduces the appearance of pores, hides blemishes, unifies complexions and extends make-up wear. Sounds pretty perfect for anyone who suffers from shine and blemishes, right?
This is an actual transparent primer, so it will go with any skin colour and type unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients.
Unlike Benefit and MAC, this primer can last up to 24 months, so even if you don't use it every day you don't have to worry about it going funny after a few months which is a win-win situation yay!
As you can see the primer looks like a snowball gone wrong. It comes out in chunks and won't come out of the tube easily so you have to squeeze it out quite hard but carefully so just enough product comes out. This primer feels like pure velvet in touch, it is very similar to the POREfessional in touch and smells divine! Who doesn't want make-up which smells like perfume?!
Once you start applying the product you will notice that it creates a thick layer over your skin and it might be uncomfortable for you because it does feel like you are wearing a lot of make-up. I would suggest spreading the product out thinly so it doesn't give you the cakey feeling.
After rubbing the primer in on the back of my hand in circular motions you can see that it has smoothed out the fine lines on my hand, which is almost like a protective layer so the foundation doesn't highlight your wrinkles, fine lines or other imperfections. I am not the biggest fan of this product as it does rub off quite easily, but who knows it might be just because my skin type is so awkward that it needs other products?
Overall rating: 6/10

What do YOU think? Have you got a favourite primer? 

Lots of love,
Maya xo


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