Friday 25 August 2017


New clothes = picture time! I took advantage of the Missguided 50% student discount on A-level results day, and I couldn't be happier with some of the items I had picked out but this post is all about the amazing Regina George style off-the-shoulder jumper.

I am sooo excited for Autumn, I cannot describe my love for candles, sweaters, blankets, scary movies etc. the list could go on and on and on! Even though it's still Summer - it surely does not feel like it! I recently went out for a lunch date with one of my good friends, Rebekah, and decided to take my new jumper out for a stroll around town.

The jumper is slightly cropped so I think it'll be most flattering with high waisted jeans and a chunky belt - I wanted to wear a belt with this pair but unfortunately, these don't have belt loops so I couldn't wear my black embroidery one :(

These Primark shoes are great, are they slippers? Are they designer? Who knows?! All I care about is that they are very comfortable to wear and look fashionable AF and cost me £1 in the sale!

I always pay attention to detail whenever I'm out with the girls just because we like to exchange jewellery from time to time, as well as recommend some brands. I recently got this birthstone ring from Boots in the sale for only £2 and thought it'll make a great addition to my already big collection. It's very comfortable to wear and is adjustable so you don't have to worry about it fitting on any finger!

If you struggle with self-confidence when it comes to trying out different styles etc. then read my post on how I face my fashion fears, or what I used to wear before I gained weight.

If you're wondering how I created this makeup look then stay tuned as there will be a tutorial on it soon!

What's your go-to lunch date outfit?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Monday 17 July 2017


If you've already read my What To Do In The UK During Summer Holidays post then you'd know that I recently went down to the British seaside and managed to get some nice shots taken. I didn't know the weather was going to be as nice as it was (I'm sure it came up to around 30 degrees) so I would have maybe worn a playsuit, however, I feel like this dress was perfect as it's floaty and made from thin material so it turned out as the perfect outfit!

Ever since receiving this gorgeous kimono for Christmas a few years ago, I've been obsessed with it and wear it all the time in warmer weather when it's too hot for a proper jacket but not warm enough to go without one. I believe it was in the Topshop sale for around £15-£20, so it was very affordable for a statement piece that I've been loving for years!

My cute little marble bag has made an appearance in a previous post which you can find here. I love a statement micro bag - these are huge this year as mentioned by the lovely ladies at a bloggers event in Nottingham. This gorgeous bag was only £6 from Primark which my lovely mum has bought for me on a shopping trip a while back.

This dress is honestly one of the prettiest items I've ever bought from Primark - yup, you heard it right - PRIMARK! I had seen it on Instagram and was hoping to find it in store and when I did, boy was I happy! At only £13 this is definitely a must-have this Summer. I'm not sure if there will be any left as when I bought mine there were only a few sizes left, but if you're lucky enough to find one I would suggest trying on a size down as it does come up big!

My huge hat is also from Primark, I believe it was only £3!

Have you been to Primark recently? Did you come across any bargains?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Wednesday 14 June 2017


When May decided to bring the most gorgeous week to England, I knew I had to get out the house and away from revision, so I decided to go to my local park in Wollaton. I believe it was around 28 degrees Celsius which is amazing for England! Shame the weather isn't keeping up with us now...

~Dress, Shoes & Bag are from Primark. Sunglasses are Oscar De La Renta.

Do excuse my bad roots - I'm in desperate need of a haircut & touch up but I find it very hard to trust hairdressers in my area as I'm never fully satisfied! :(

Kieran went all out taking pictures of me haha, I do love the fact that he takes my passion for blogging seriously and encourages me to work harder! This man is honestly amazing.

I feel like this outfit is so easily wearable! I remember when I bought this dress when it first came out and then my sister bought it as soon as she saw me wear it which not only is a huge compliment but it also means that it's suitable for all people, no matter what age or size. The mules are very comfy and I wear them literally alllll the time! And for the bag - do I need to say much? I mean, micro bags are very in right now (click here to see what's fashionable in SS17), plus the marble pattern is just music to my ears, or should I say heaven to my eyes??

What have you been up to during the lovely weather we had recently?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Monday 5 June 2017


I've lost track of how many times I've attempted to stay motivated and exercise a thousand times now with the same excuse - "I'll try again tomorrow". I've had enough now as I feel so bad about what I eat and how I feel on the inside when I don't work out, so I finally decided to eat cleaner (but not deprive myself of chocolate etc.) and work out more. I think what's motivating me the most right now is the fact that I'm going away in July so I want to feel good in my own body and reduce bloating! Honestly, even a cup of bloody tea makes me bloated now!

My absolute workout must-have is weights. Even if they are very light, such as 1kg, they make a huge difference and make any workout more intense and I always notice the difference whenever I'm able to move up a weight. The most important thing when using weights is to make sure you do it the right way. You can watch a very helpful video on how to tone up your arms with or without weights here. I always ensure that I have my gloves with me as my hands get really dry from doing weights, this helps me reduce the dryness and prevent getting calluses.

Another staple is a good sports bra. I'm currently loving this one from H&M. I feel like I work out better knowing I have nice sportswear and am comfortable. I'm currently obsessing over yoga tights - I have some gorgeous tie-up ones that make a cute bow on the calves from Primark which only cost me £3 in the sale (I bought them in black, and grey!).

My favourite gym top has to be the Ivy Park Oversized T-shirt as it covers my bum up (reduces the number of looks I get from both girls and boys) and covers up my sweaty back hahaha!! I don't think I'll ever be one of those girls who wears a sports bra as a top because I'm way too self-conscious. Also, if you already do or want to do Yoga then I suggest you wear a vest or a tight top as it makes it easier to move around.

My no.1 tip: ALWAYS stretch before and after exercise to reduce achiness the next day!

What are your staples for working out? Any particular outfit that you love to wear?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Monday 15 May 2017


Ever since I laid my eyes on this Primark Bell Sleeved Top, I knew it was love at first sight - I just HAD to buy it. This top was only £10... Erm, excuse me but can we just appreciate that it so affordable and looks like it could be from River Island or Topshop??

Is it weird that I dressed up just to go shopping on my own? Sorry, but if I'm going to spend money on clothes I have to wear them out even if I look extra :') I own a few bell-sleeved tops now which I started collecting last year as I think they're so flattering and make every outfit look extra special. I mean, I matched this shirt with a pair of white ripped Jamie jeans, a big buckle belt and heeled mules, and this is something you can wear to an event, shopping, drinks etc. - ANYWHERE.

I also live in my Black Mules from Primark, which only cost me £10! I'm sorry, but Primark is killing it this year with their amazing fashion steals!🔥🔥🔥
I've been lusting over big Western-style buckle belts but couldn't find one within my budget so I settled for this gorgeous but simple buckle belt for £2, also from Primark (of course). I bought this belt in this dusky pink shade, as well as a deep mahogany brown which looks beautiful with my Mom Jeans.

On the other hand, my halo eye makeup was created using the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette. I absolutely love this eyeshadow palette as the number of different looks you can create is infinite! I used the shade 'Courtney' as a base shadow and added some more in my crease for extra definition. I then went ahead and blended out the shade 'Confession' in my crease and inner corner, followed by 'Violence' for extra depth. Then, finally, I used my favourite shade from the palette called 'Princess' and put it in the centre of my lid for the halo effect. - If you're wondering what brushes I used to create this eye look then click here.
And that's it! The whole eye look is complete and it only took about 8 minutes to create! I've been loving dark pink and purple shades recently so that's practically all I've been wearing the past few weeks!

Have you got a favourite outfit that you can't get enough of? What about an eyeshadow look if you were makeup?

Lots of love,
Maya xo
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