My name is Maya and I'm the writer, photographer, and owner of this site! I'm an Account Manager for a high-end skincare brand, which proves just how much I love beauty.
I have a degree in Criminology and Social Policy from the University of Nottingham as I am very passionate about the criminal system and how things are run by the government in the UK. I'm not sure if I'd like to have a career in this field, but if I did I'd want to help people that were wronged by the system.

Whenever I have the time and the funds, I love to go out and enjoy the little things in life with my loved ones. Reading and writing have always interested me so I often pick up a new book to read or write my feelings away in blog posts or my diary.

I decided on the name 'Vogue By Maya' as I've always enjoyed reading Vogue and look at the beautiful photographs along with overfilling my wardrobe, therefore it is my very own interpretation of Vogue. I created my blog in 2013 as a result of falling in love with beauty, fashion, travelling and lifestyle which has actually encouraged me to lead a better lifestyle and make better choices that will benefit others as well as me. I love to give advice to my friends and family, so thought why not share my knowledge and views with everyone else?

If you wish to get in touch with me, you can find my contact details on the 'Contact Me' page :)

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