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Kiko cosmetics lip pencil review - the best affordable lip liners.

If you are looking for good quality and affordable lip liners then you've clicked on the right post! Over the years I have spent hundreds of pounds on lip liners (I would be going into thousands if I mentioned lipsticks 😳), and I can confidently say that I've found the best liners out there for a very affordable price of just £2.99. 
I understand that if you're on a tight budget or don't have much disposable income that you will be seeking the cheapest products out there, but you must be aware of the actual ingredients of the products and their performance - hence why I think that Kiko Milano's Smart Fusion Lip Pencils are 100% worth more than what they are!

I currently own 7 of the Smart Lip Pencils and have lots of room in my collection to add more. However, with my extensive collection of beauty products I realised that adding more instead of using up what I've got is not a great idea! So remember - if you have something similar in your collection already then you do not need another one!

Kiko lip pencil swatches - shades 511, 513, 535, 533, 536, 525 and 524.

My most recent additions are the shades 533 (Light Rosy Brown) and 536 (Cold Brown) which I purchased around Christmas time last year and have worn the shade 533 nearly every single time I've worn makeup. Since comparing the liners I already owned from the brand, I have noticed a few changes on the labels such as the shade numbers have changed, and the lids are now black to match the rest of the product packaging.

The older lip pencils that I have are the shades 702, 704, 705, 710 and 715. These shade numbers do not exist anymore, but I will try my best to match them up with the current ones available on the website as I believe that all had changed was the packaging and names of the shades rather than the actual colour of the pencils.

Kiko lip liner review in shade coral

Kiko Lip Pencil in shade Coral £2.99

I've been after a decent and affordable coral lip liner since about 2012. I love a good bright lip in the summer, especially when it comes to achieving a solid colour without any streaks or bleeding (a term used when a lipstick/liner "bleeds" into the lines around the mouth area, making the lips look uneven).
This lip pencil is very creamy and the colour is lovely but I would say it is more of a pale peach shade rather than coral. I usually wear it with a LE MAC lipstick in the shade 'the fashion flock' as they pair up very nicely, but I have found it hard to find the perfect match for this lip liner colour. Maybe it would suit a Kiko branded lipstick best, but I know that I won't buy this colour again as it's not the colour I was expecting (it isn't coral).

Kiko red papaya lip pencil review

Kiko Lip Pencil in shade Red Papaya £2.99

Now this is what I call a summery lip colour! I absolutely adore the colour of this lip pencil, I think it looks gorgeous as an all-over lip colour topped up with gloss, or paired up with a bright orangey-red shade like the Smashbox Fireball lipstick (similar shade here).

Kiko lip pencil review in shade Scarlet Red.

Kiko Lip Pencil in shade Scarlet Red £2.99

This lip liner was given to me by my sister as she purchased it thinking it was going to be more of a browny-nude shade but instead it has more dark brwonish-red undertones. It's still a nice colour but might not be for everyone. I like to pair this up with a light nude lipstick and a gloss on top for a 90's grunge look.

Kiko lip pencil review in the shade light rosy brown.

Kiko Lip Pencil in shade Light Rosy Brown £2.99

Like I've mentioned at the beginning of this post, this lip liner is my absolute favourite! For only £2.99 is definitely beats my favourite high-end lip liner (MAC Boldly Bare), although the colours aren't that similar so it's not an accurate comparison - only comparing the two as they're my favourites. 
This is the perfect shade of a rosy-brown nude for fair skin tones (this is my skin tone and this shade suits me perfectly), but of course it will also look gorgeous on all other skin tones paired with the right lipstick/lipgloss. I like to line my lips with this shade and then fill in the middle with either JS Celebrtiy Skin or Maybelline 930 Nude Embrace, and then top up with an Emiba Vision lipgloss in the shade Crawford.

Kiko lip liner review in shade Cold Brown

Kiko Lip Pencil in shade Cold Brown £2.99

Now, this is the perfect dupe for MAC's Stone lip liner. It's a nice deep cool brown shade that will really suit darker skin tones. I don't wear this one very often as I do own the MAC Stone lip pencil, however, it's gorgeous worn on its own with a clear gloss for a 90's grunge look.

Kiko lip pencil review and swatches of deep violet.

Kiko Lip Pencil in shade Deep Violet £2.99

This shade used to be my favourite for Autumn/Winter time paired up with MAC Rebel lipstick (oh wow this takes me back haha). It's a nice warm toned deep burgundy shade, I wouldn't say it's violet as it does show up more red on the skin. This is still a nice colour, especially to wear in the cooler months paired up with a gold halo eye (very Zoella circa 2014). I remember my first ever Kiko haul like it was yesterday - you can read all about it here.

Kiko lip pencil review and swatches in shade peony violet.

Kiko Lip Pencil in shade Peony Violet £2.99

Last but not least -Peony Violet - a very muted greyish-lilac colour which isn't for everyone but I used to love it so much, especially when worn together with MAC's Up The Amp (yes, I used to be obsessed with MAC lipsticks). This pencil is a nice shade of a bright lilac but doesn't show up as bright on the skin so might not be the best option if you're looking for something vibrant.

If you are interested in trying out more Kiko items then I'd suggest their mascaras as some are pretty good!

If you are on an even tighter budget and wanted to treat yourself or someone else, then always buy during Kiko's offer period as they often do 3 for 2 or buy 3 get 3 free! That's when I tend to stock up on my favourites or try something new. At the moment there is the buy 2 get 1 free offer available to the points club members (you should join if you haven't already as you can get customised offers and money off on your birthday etc.), and a few new collections - I know that the Dolce Diva collection isn't included in the offer which makes me super sad as I love both of the eyeshadow palettes included in the range.

What are your favourite lip pencils and why? Have you tried these Kiko Smart pencils before?

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Lots of love,
Maya xo

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