Sunday, 18 October 2015


Hi there my lovelies!

Today I wanted to share with you my top beauty products for an every-day look. They are mostly high-end products, however the can be easily replaced by more affordable products - I will list them below.

I never thought that I'd find a primer that's nearly half as good as Benefit's Porefessional, however the Clinique's colour correcting super primer is amazing. It glides onto my face making it look and feel velvet smooth and on top of that it tones down the redness of my cheeks. It's a perfect base for anyone who suffers from rosacea or any type of redness on their face.

The next product which I am obsessed with is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover foundation in shade 'Creamy Vanilla'. The current price of this product is £29.50 from what I can remember, and I have actually purchased it for just under £15 on back in March when it was on offer. It is very thick and creamy in consistency and is very easy to blend. you also don't need a lot of product for your whole face which is always a plus as it will last you longer. The only downside of this product is that it doesn't come in a lot of shades and the one that I use is the lightest shade and I only wear it when I fake tan.

MAC's Studio Fix seems to be everyone's favourite foundation, however I am not the biggest fan of it myself. Don't get me wrong, it's a very good foundation and it is affordable as it can last up to a year for only £21.50 that's only £1.80 per month, however I find it too mattifying and drying for my skin type. BUT I mix it with my Estee Lauder foundation to create a lighter shade which is more of a satin consistency when mixed together. This way my face doesn't appear crusty nor oily. I use the shade NW10 which I find slightly too pale for myself, however last time I purchased the NW15 and that was too orange for my skin tone! :(

After applying the base I set it with my illuminescent Chanel powder for extra coverage and to make my make-up last longer. I swear by this product and it lasts forever, I have over half of it left and I've already had it for over a year. I recommend it to everyone!! Seriously, you will not regret buying this product!

So, next step I applied my Bourjois bronzer. Loads of people boast abouts this product saying how good it is - I won't disagree with them as I do really like it but I wouldn't call it my favourite just yet (I haven't found my favourite bronzer yet, so if you have any suggestions please note them in the comment section below!). I usually apply bronzer under my cheek bones to make them look slimmer and when I've acquired my desired look I then apply some bronzer to the sides of my forehead to further contour my face. I then apply my favourite highlighter to the apple of my cheeks for a nice natural glow.  The product I have used to highlight is by MUA and I think the shade is called "'Iridescent Glow'.

For my eyeshadow I have used MAC's Brûlée, Era and Naked Lunch. Firstly, I applied Brûlée across my eyelid and under my brow, then I blended in Era in my crease to add a bit of colour to my eyes. Era is an earthy brown shade which makes blue eyes pop out more, hence why it's one of my favourite colours! After I've blended in Era with Brûlée in my crease, I applied Naked Lunch across the                 to give my shadow that extra shimmer and make it look less natural and more                              glamorous  ! Definitely one of my favourite looks.   

I recently received a sample of MAC's new mascara and I am in love with it! It's the False Lash Mascara in Extreme Black. It covers my lashes perfectly well, and as most of you know I have really fair lashes so it makes my eyes look bigger and there's no need for falsies as you can actually see my real lashes which are quite long and thick! When I went into MAC's pro store in Nottingham last week to pick up a few things, the full size mascara was on my list and I was very upset to find out that it was out of stock! :( To add more volume I applied a coat of Zoom Lash (also by MAC) which I wasn't so keen on when I first got it but it's grown on me a bit now.

I don't really like this eyeliner but it was the only one I had at the time - it's Loreal's Super Liner Blackbuster. The brush applicator is too thick which makes it hard to draw flicks which aren't too thick and I personally prefer slimmer flicks when I'm wearing eyeshadow. However, it's a good product but noot my favourite. It's long lasting, so would be perfect if it had a slimmer applicator.

For my lips I used MAC's cremesheen lip liner in shade 80% and Brave on top for an ombré nude lip. This is my favourite lip look which goes with all make-up looks. I recommend those products to everyone who loves a nude lip! 

Do you own any of these products?

Lots of love,
Maya xo


  1. Such a beautiful look! That lip shade is gorgeous and looks amazing on you.

    Keisha xo

    1. Aw thank you so much my lovely! It was my very first MAC lipstick so it is one of my favourites! Xx

    2. Great choice! I love when I try a new for the first time and it works out.



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