Friday 10 March 2017


February was a massive emotional rollercoaster ride for me. I had to battle my depression and anxiety as well as distance myself from toxic people, yet I also met some very lovely like-minded people and been really successful with blogging and university work. Moral of the story - don't let temporary people affect your future, and that hard work does pay off!

Anyway, I must say the product I've been loving the most last month was something that I've had since August and had only used it once. It is the Natural Collection Lipstick in shade Fig Leaf. I don't know why I didn't use it, probably because I have so many lipsticks I usually stick to the old trusty ones like Jeffree Star's Celebrity Skin or NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cremes. With the weather not being so great, I've been wanting to just wear lip balm but I felt like I needed a bit of colour added to my lips, so that's when I turned to this natural shade that's full of moisture that locks in all day long and it only costs £1.99! Fantastic bargain and I must say it will definitely suit all skin tones!

My next favourite (especially in Spring) is the Urban Decay Beached Bronzer. I've had this since January and been using it nearly every day since. It's a beautiful shade that instantly adds warmth to my skin and makes me look sun-kissed in seconds which also lasts all day long! It is slightly pricey, however definitely worth the price if you wear bronzer every day.

I recently bought the whole range of Lee Stafford's Hair Growth products and I've been really loving the Leave-in Treatment. I've been using it after every wash and I've noticed the difference on how much thicker my hair looks thanks to the pro-growth complex and caffeine. I will do a full review of the whole range soon.

Another one of my oldies but goodies that I've completely neglected is the Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream. It is amazing for brightening up your eyes and reducing the appearance of dark circles. I tend to use it in the morning before applying my makeup, but it's also BENEFITcial (see what I did there haha) to wear it overnight as then I wake up feeling fresh and with bright eyes - not horrible droopy 'what is sleep' sort of eyes!

Wikaniko's Moringa oil is one of my newest additions to my skincare routine, and OMG can I just say that this is bloody amazing?! I've not had it for long but I've been using it every night since receiving a bottle to review and it makes my skin feel absolutely amazing; it's so soft and reduces the appearance of fine lines (a full review will be up soon).

I've probably spoken about the L'aimant fragrance before, but I honestly love this scent. It smells great and is very dusty but still refreshing - perfect for Spring. It's also a very handy small bottle which fits perfectly in my handbag without weighing it down too much! If you're a big fan of Chanel then I'd definitely recommend this fragrance as it smells identical to Chanel No5.

What have you been loving this February? Have you tried any of these products before?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

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