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Monday, 19 June 2017


I must say that the past few days this month and a few days last month have been absolutely amazing and the heat has made me very excited for my holiday this year!
For those who are staying local for the Summer but not sure on what to do to make the most out of it - here's a few tips:

1. Have a picnic with friends and/or family

I love having picnics, it's one of my most favourite things to do during hot summer days (other than BBQ's). I always message my friends or just turn around to Kieran and say 'let's have a picnic' and off we go to a lovely park for a few hours and enjoy our own company with no social media (minus taking lots and lots of photos haha).

2. Have a BBQ

I feel like this one is so obvious to those who live in houses and have their own gardens, but what should you do when you want a BBQ but live in a flat? Well, what I like to do is buy one of those BBQ Oven inserts and make my and Kieran's favourite on those! We usually have burgers, sausages, chicken skewers/fillets, and lots of veggies! Then, all that you need now are cold drinks and a big fan for an illusion of the wind!

3. Rent a Camper Van

I used to have an obsession with camper vans when I was younger, so when I heard that you can hire a camper van I was over the moon! Now I'm just waiting to get my driver's license so I can cruise around in my very own Fillmore (excuse the Cars reference, it's one of my first memories of falling in love with camper vans). The best camper vans and closest to my area are the Cozy Camper Hire in Manchester. I think they're great and are something I would definitely be interested in as I hate camping out in a tent! If you're a lover of festivals and can drive then maybe this would be a great option if you don't like sleeping on the floor!

4. Go down to the seaside

I love the sea. I find it so relaxing being at the beach and reading or listening to music. Unfortunately, the closest beach to me is around 2 hours away so I only go when it's planned out well and knowing that I haven't got a lot of work to come back to.

5. Have brunch/lunch outside

One of the things I love to do the most all year around is eating hahaha. I love going out for afternoon tea, and yummy lunch, but the best thing about this weather is that you can eat out on the terrace in restaurants or even go to a rooftop bar for midday drinks - yummy!

*This post is a collaboration with Cozy Camper and does not include affiliate links nor is it sponsored. All opinions are always my own.

What are your plans for this Summer? Are you going away or staying local?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Friday, 15 July 2016


Hey Everyone!

I've been battling with post holiday blues for two weeks now and I couldn't be more upset about not being out and about in the sunshine with my second half. However, I do have a few things to look forward to now that I'm back home, such as more time for blogging, working overtime to save up for the next holiday, and also planning a garden party!

In this post, I will share with you the places I visited while in Rhodes and what to do when you get there.

This picture looks so spontaneous but I actually knew Kieran was snapping a pic as he told me not to move! Oops! This was taken at the beautiful Oasis beach in Calithea. There are three beaches there that you just HAVE to visit - do it, you won't regret it.

We also went to the Butterfly Valley (Peta Loudhes) which was a m a z i n g. Even though I was very timid the whole time I was there, it was a wonderful experience as I had never seen so many butterflies in one place. You probably won't believe this, but as I walked down the hill in my big floppy hat, I must have touched the wall where the little creatures were resting AND THEY ALL FLEW INTO ME! I am not joking - there must have been hundreds of Red Admiral butterflies around me and I screamed and ran off. Yup, I ran off because I'm a scaredy cat and don't like no bugs near me!! I'll add pictures of the little ones in an upcoming post, so stay tuned!

We visited the famous 'Seven Springs' which is a beautiful forest on a mountain with 7 streams with drinkable water. This is perfect for those without children as you have to climb up quite high in order to see all streams and the animals that live up the mountains. We saw goats, ducks, swans and peacocks. I think the peacocks made me the most excited about the whole trip! The bus there and back only cost us 5 euros each, which is an amazing bargain.

Another beautiful place to visit is Calithea Springs - an old spa with cute little fountains everywhere. It's around 3 euros each way to get there and another 3 to get in, so it is best if you go there for a whole day as the city of Calithea has 3 beautiful beaches that Kieran and I had also visited.

You cannot go to Rhodes and not go on a boat trip to Lindos - it'll be just like committing a crime! We paid 25 euros each for the trip there and back, unfortunately[ snacks and drinks weren't included in the price so I suggest you bring your own with you as the products sold on the boat were quite pricey! Thankfully we brought our cooler bag with us and packed it with sandwiches, snacks, and drinks! 

Another important point I have to make about Lindos is that it looks exactly like Santorini!! I couldn't believe my eyes when we finally got there, it was so beautiful and I cannot wait to go back there again.

The gorgeous boats by the Lindos bay looked so cute I had to take a picture. What is a holiday without going on one of these and just keep swimming! 


Make sure you go for a long walk down the strips and visit all the shops so you can find the best deal on souvenirs. I walked around every single shop at least twice before making my mind up on what to get for everyone! You can call me crazy, but I had to save money somehow!

Are you planning on going abroad this year? If so, where are you off to? Let me know in the comments down below!

Lots of love,
Maya xo
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