Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Summer is coming!!!

Hi guys!
We can actually feel Summer arriving. It's getting warmer day by day, which means that we can show off a bit of our bodies now hehe! ;)
Personally, I prefer not to expose myself too much as my skin should only be on display for myself and my other half. Also, my daddy doesn't like me wearing skimpy clothes!!
I have recently gone out on a Starbucks date with my auntie and had a lovely catch up! I haven't seen her since November, so thought it would be nice to go out. The fact that she's the same age as me is even better :) We had so much to talk about!! I experienced the weirdest thing that day. Some random foreign exchange student started hitting on me! I have never been hit on in public before! I thought it was the strangest thing ever haha! It must have been Kate looking extra grown up that day ;)
I ordered a Mango and Passion Fruit Iced drink because I was out of breath and the weather was so warm! Kate ordered a camomile tea, which was also quite nice and refreshing.
I will definitely be taking Kieran out on a little Starbucks date as he's never had one before!! Shocker!!!!
I wanted to get my nails done at a salon for a long time now, but it's so expensive and I'm saving up so I had to hold back with splashing on getting French tip acrylics and opted for my own French mani! I used my Nailene set and that's the outcome:
Lots of love,
Maya xo

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