Sunday, 18 May 2014

Professional Brush Set - 22pcs

Hello my beauties!
Tmart is the new Ebay. You can find so many great deals on that website!! As most of you already know, I bought the Urban Decay Naked 2 and 3 palette dupes from Tmart for less than £10, and I also ordered one of the brush sets to see if they're as good as everyone claims them to be. And guess what? They really are.
The set that I chose came in this cute little pink pouch.
That's what the brushes looked like when I first opened the pouch. As you can see, there is a little flap over the brushes to prevent them from transferring colours onto the other, for example if the eye liner brush was in contact with the foundation then it will get dirty.
And here's a snap with the flap open revealing all the brushes. They were all backed very nicely in foil to avoid moulting of the brushes.
A close up of the right side of the set which includes all the face brushes.
A snap of the middle of the set which shows a couple of the face brushes, and most eye brushes.
And the last picture is of the left side of the set, revealing the lip brushes and other eye essentials like the fan brush etc. 
If you have any questions relating to this brush set, then drop me a comment or an email :)
Lots of love,
Maya xo

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