Monday, 13 July 2020


I, like many young women, love London for all the right reasons. It's a very multicultural city that offers luxurious stays, great shopping trips, and theatrical experiences. London is one of the oldest cities in the world, founded by early Roman settlers as a trading point, and has gone through several revolutions since ground was first broken. Now, London is known as one of the richest cities across the globe, which is reflected by the luxury that can be found when you decide to visit. To give you an insight into what sort of luxuries you can expect, this post should give you a few ideas of what to do when in London to maximise your experience. 

Friday, 10 July 2020


When it comes to the sun, sea and sand I think we can all agree that one of our favourite destinations in Europe is Spain. And what's a better destination than Costa del Sol in the south coast of mainland Spain, or to narrow it down even more - the very glam and popular area of Marbella. An ample share of beaches, villas, parks, and history make it a must-see city. Here are a few tips for you to consider before making your way to beautiful Marbella.

Friday, 18 August 2017


Who's off on holiday this year then? I love travelling, it makes me very happy and excited for the future with Kieran when we can travel the world and see all sorts of places together.
We have actually already been on our holiday this year and have learnt a few new tips from our recent trip to Rome! So I thought I'd share with you my holiday must-haves.

1) Sunscreen - duh! This is probably the most important item you will need to take with you on a holiday. I usually take factor 30 as I'm naturally very pale but because I have educated myself on how important it is to wear SPF that I decided to take factor 50 with me this year. I used to be very bothered about not being able to tan like the rest of my family, but now I understand that my skin produces freckles rather than tan to protect itself. I have also recently started to wear fake tan more which suits my lifestyle a lot more.

2) Sunglasses - My eyes have become very sensitive over the past few years as I use the computer more than ever and don't wear my glasses all day every day. I think I'll end up having to get some contact lenses soon as I hate wearing my glasses due to them rubbing makeup off my nose! I've taken with me my trusty Oscar De La Renta sunnies and a few more Primark ones which are very instagramable as well as affordable!

3) Travel sized cosmetics - this is very important, especially if you don't have a hold luggage allowance. I usually take full sized products and try to use them up or leave some behind, but this time I thought I'll be good and save up plenty of space and weight by putting the majority of my products into smaller containers or just simply buying travel-sized products e.g. shaving gel, shampoo etc.

4) Sunhat - you have to make sure that you have some sort of heat-protective headwear with you as the sun abroad, especially in places like Greece and Spain is really strong. I usually bring a big floppy hat with me and wear it every day.

5) A good book - I love reading, but I never seem to find the time for it. I have just finished reading 'Getting rid of Matthew' and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. This holiday, I took with me Grey by E.L. James as we only went away for one week.

So here are my top 5 must-haves to take with me on holidays. What are yours? Let me know in the comments section down below!

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Friday, 11 August 2017


Those of you who follow me on social media will already know that I have been on holiday to Rome back in July. I did plenty of research before my trip and have also learnt a lot of helpful tips while on holiday. Obviously, this post will include the Colosseum etc. but I will also mention how I saved a lot of money and made the most out of my trip.

1. Visit the Colosseum (obvs)
The Colosseum is honestly breathtaking. We went to see it on the first day of the holiday, but we kind of didn't have a choice as we stopped on the metro directly outside the building haha?? It was VERY busy. I believe we got there for around 12pm, so it was a very busy time and full of people either trying to sell you something or bumping around into each other because of how confusing everything was. We decided to go with a tour agency and booked a tour of the Colosseum with a tour of the Palatine Hill for only €30 which took around 3 hours altogether (there was a break in-between the two tours). One thing that we were annoyed with was that we were lied to about entry prices without a tour. We've been told that it cost €13 to get in with a two-hour queue, however, when we were waiting for our tour to begin, the prices were announced via a speaker as €5 per adult and €3 per child... So if you don't fancy spending a lot more money but don't mind waiting in the queue then I suggest just doing that. Also, prices online for a tour are a lot higher than what you could haggle to in person, so try to avoid buying tickets for events/tours online!

Tip #1: Purchase a weekly metro ticket
This was probably one of the most money-saving decisions I made. One of my good friends, Rebekah, has been to Rome last year and she advised me to get a weekly ticket as they work out cheaper than having to buy a return one every day. I believe that a 24h return ticket cost €7, but the weekly ticket only cost €24, so as long as you went out 4 days out of 7, then it was worth it. I and Kieran went out into the city or around the city every day so we definitely got our money's worth.

2. Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain
My mum was most excited for my trip to Rome due to her fond memories of the Trevi fountain from when she was young. We actually got lost twice in a row when we tried to find the building but came across many more beautiful places so we're not complaining, ha ha! The fountain was very beautiful (and packed), it was a very hot day so a lot of people were trying to dip their hands in it. There will be people trying to sell you selfie sticks for around €10 so just tell them you already have one or say 'no grazie' and it should get them off your back! The main attraction about the Trevi fountain is that you throw a coin in and make a wish. I made mine, would you make yours?

Tip #2: Bring a water bottle with you everywhere
The best thing about travelling to Rome is that there are plenty of drinkable water fountains which you can use to fill your water bottle with. I think the government introduced these because of the high rates of homelessness, which is a fantastic idea as it keeps everyone hydrated + it's free.

3. Visit the Vatican Museum, St. Peters Basilica, and Sistine Chapel
This little tour was probably the highlight of our holiday as we headed off to visit one place and ended up exploring half the city. The museum itself was absolutely gorgeous and full of exciting stories to be told - we booked a tour of the Vatican as we wanted to find out the history behind it.
I really enjoyed the beautiful paintings on the ceilings and the tapestry as we headed towards the Sistine Chapel which Kieran was looking forward to the most. We paid €40 each, which included a guided tour of the museum and chapel, as well as entry to the basilica - it was worth it, however if you're not into guided tours and prefer to take your time observing all statues etc. then a normal entry ticket costs €8 and the best time to go would be around 3-4pm as that's when it's most quiet.

Tip #3: Cover up when you go to Vatican City
Because the Vatican is a religious place, you're required to cover up your knees and shoulders out of respect. It's better to be prepared than be rejected at the door and forced to buy a pashmina to cover up - this concerns both men and women. I originally wore a red dress and then got changed into a midi skirt and long sleeved top.

4. Take a picture from the Palatine Hill
In our little Colosseum tour guide package, we also got tickets for a guided tour of the Palatine Hill which is just a 4-minute walk from the Colosseum. Once the tour was over, we headed off to the very top of the hill to take some pictures (and fill up our water bottles!). The views were beautiful, you could see the whole of Rome from there!

Tip #4: If you get hungry and fancy something quick and easy then I suggest going to a local pizzeria or a takeaway and share a pizza as they do come quite big!

5. Plan your trip thoroughly before getting there
Prior to our trip, we both did some research to see what places we'd like to visit the most and where to eat etc. I had a list of things to do saved on my phone so every night we would plan out the next day and what to do. This helped us come across many beautiful places and we will treasure the memories made for the rest of our lives.

Tip #5: Buy a map of the city
Getting a map was probably the best idea we had as it saved us so much time trying to navigate ourselves by either asking people for directions or trying to find a decent wifi connection... I know that a lot of companies provide free roaming abroad, but mine for some reason wasn't working at all.

Overall, I had an amazing experience when visiting Rome and because I did everything I wanted to (and much more) that I feel like I won't have to return for a while just because of how fantastic my trip was. Have you been to Rome or are planning on going?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Monday, 19 June 2017


I must say that the past few days this month and a few days last month have been absolutely amazing and the heat has made me very excited for my holiday this year!
For those who are staying local for the Summer but not sure on what to do to make the most out of it - here's a few tips:

1. Have a picnic with friends and/or family

I love having picnics, it's one of my most favourite things to do during hot summer days (other than BBQ's). I always message my friends or just turn around to Kieran and say 'let's have a picnic' and off we go to a lovely park for a few hours and enjoy our own company with no social media (minus taking lots and lots of photos haha).

2. Have a BBQ

I feel like this one is so obvious to those who live in houses and have their own gardens, but what should you do when you want a BBQ but live in a flat? Well, what I like to do is buy one of those BBQ Oven inserts and make my and Kieran's favourite on those! We usually have burgers, sausages, chicken skewers/fillets, and lots of veggies! Then, all that you need now are cold drinks and a big fan for an illusion of the wind!

3. Rent a Camper Van

I used to have an obsession with camper vans when I was younger, so when I heard that you can hire a camper van I was over the moon! Now I'm just waiting to get my driver's license so I can cruise around in my very own Fillmore (excuse the Cars reference, it's one of my first memories of falling in love with camper vans). The best camper vans and closest to my area are the Cozy Camper Hire in Manchester. I think they're great and are something I would definitely be interested in as I hate camping out in a tent! If you're a lover of festivals and can drive then maybe this would be a great option if you don't like sleeping on the floor!

4. Go down to the seaside

I love the sea. I find it so relaxing being at the beach and reading or listening to music. Unfortunately, the closest beach to me is around 2 hours away so I only go when it's planned out well and knowing that I haven't got a lot of work to come back to.

5. Have brunch/lunch outside

One of the things I love to do the most all year around is eating hahaha. I love going out for afternoon tea, and yummy lunch, but the best thing about this weather is that you can eat out on the terrace in restaurants or even go to a rooftop bar for midday drinks - yummy!

*This post is a collaboration with Cozy Camper and does not include affiliate links nor is it sponsored. All opinions are always my own.

What are your plans for this Summer? Are you going away or staying local?

Lots of love,
Maya xo
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