Wednesday 18 November 2015

Christmas Wishlist featuring POWDER

Good Evening my lovelies!

Excluding today, we now only have 5 more Mondays until Christmas. Say what?!?! I am beyond excited and thought I'd start creating wishlists and gift ideas to help you guys with your Christmas shopping! (I've already done mine tehe). 

I recently came across a fabulous accessory brand called Powder on The Blogger Programme and just had to share my wishlist with you! They have some gorgeous products which are expired by the likes of Twiggy, Marilyn Monroe etc. Very 1960's - my cup of tea!

So unfortunatelly I couldn't squish all the pictures together but I will post individual pictures with a brief decription below. But just look at those beautiful accessories! Aren't they just to die for? It was very difficult for me choosing my favourite pieces from the whole collection and I narrowed it down to 8!! 
First up we have this beautiful faux fur Chamonix Headband which comes in several colours. It retails at £22 which is quite pricey for just a furry headband, but so worth it! I'm pretty sure Topshop sells similar ones for about £28, so you do save a bit of money! I would love to find this in my Xmas stocking this year!
I'm a massive fan of mittens as not only do they keep me warm but they look so cute with a big puffy jacket or a fluffy sweater! These Igloo Mittens come in 3 gorgeous colours at £20 and I love the nude/taupe shade as I believe it would go with more outfits!
This matching Igloo Hat is so adorable! I don't usually wear hats in Winter and when I do they're usually big floppy hats, but this beanie would look lovely paired up with the mittens wearing skinny jeans and an oversized jumper. Being only £20 it's affordable and you have to get the matching mittens!
This fabulous Chamonix clutch bag is a must have this season. It's a great statement accessory for fun days out and glam nights out! It is a whooping £40 but it is so beautiful, how could anyone say no?
These Ingrid Gloves come in 4 gorgeous shades for only £16.50! They are very 1960's and would look great with a cocoon jacket and some pretty boots.
I have always been a big fan of brooches and then I came upon this lovely Crown Brooch for only £18 and I think it would look amazing attached to the Chamonix clutch.
These lovely Rosie Mittens are only £13!! I'll take five please!! They come in two different shades and unfortunately the lovely powdery pink ones are sold out, but the orange ones are just as nice!
This gorgeous Tabitha Scarf comes in 4 shades and is perfect for Spring as it is made out of quite thin material so it still blocks out the cold without suffocating you with all the thick material! It retails at £22 which is a bargain for such a pretty accessory that you an practically wear all year round!

Have you done any of your Christmas shopping yet? Do you own any Powder accessories?

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Lots of love,
Maya xo

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