Sunday, 12 February 2017


Whenever I wear heels for a long amount of time and my feet start to hurt I get really moody. This can actually ruin my day and make me want to come home early just so I can take my heels off. I will then be put off wearing them for ages and the same thing will happen over and over again.

About Sticky Heelz:

"Sticky Heelz was developed to address the issue of loose fitting shoes.  With around 60% of the population having different sized feet and around 33% with narrow feet, it would be impossible for any shoe manufacturer to make shoes the exact fit for everybody.  They can address the issue by providing half shoe sizes but these are limited to certain brands and styles.  We hear from so many frustrated customers  about how existing products do not address the issue of shoes not fitting correctly, so they just avoid purchasing certain styles of shoes.   But with Sticky Heelz you can love your shoes again! As our unique two part product uses a shoe pad and heel pad that connect to secure the foot inside the shoe." - source

When I came across the brand Sticky Heelz I thought 'hey let's give these a go' and see whether they will change my mind about wearing heels daily. I was kindly sent a packet to try out which I'm grateful for as these turned out to be one of my holy grail products!

I feel that the suction strength is very decent and the pads stay put all day/night. I recently bought some heeled boots (pictured above) and as beautiful as they are, I found them slightly difficult to wear. After applying Sticky Heelz I decided to go ahead and wear these boots all day for uni, and I was not disappointed at all. I came home and I honestly wanted to keep my shoes on - mainly because they look great on - but also because I did not feel pressure on my feet at all.

I highly recommend this product to all who love wearing heels but can't deal with the discomfort and pain of them! You can buy them here for £6.99, but hurry and check out the website for some amazing Valentine's Day offers!

*This post contains PR samples.

How do you cope with the discomfort of wearing heels? Have you tried Sticky Heelz before?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

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