Thursday 23 March 2017


Last month I attended a press event hosted by Gemini Marketing in Nottingham which was a cheeky preview of what's hot in SS17 before the fashion show in Nottingham on the 25th March.

I was greeted with the most beautiful glitter bomb cocktail, oh my, I was in heaven. There was also lots of tasty snacks varying from cupcakes to MOD pizza (my new favourite pizza place). The staff at the Beauty Temple were very lovely and welcoming, and I got complimented on my outfit and makeup (yes, get in haha!!).

The mini show was presented by two lovely ladies (forgive me for forgetting their names) who looked amazing in their outfits! I actually bought the same top one of them was wearing - thanks for the inspo! The two models - Jamie and Ryan rocked the SS17 looks.

*the micro bag is my new favourite statement piece - but will our huge phones even fit in?!

So, what are the hot trends for this year? I'm so excited that it is officially Spring so I can use it as an excuse to buy loads more clothes hehe...

Back to the Fuchsia - definitely one of my favourite trends as I love bright pink colours - I know for a fact that my mum is gona go crazy over this trend and wear pink head to toe as she owes so many gorgeous fuchsia pieces!

Born in the 80's - say yes to Madonna Rock 'n' Roll leather trousers and cowboy boots! This S/S is all about shoulder pads, ruffles and neon - yes, yes, YES!!

Statement Sportswear - probably the most comfy of all of the trends! I'm looking forward to styling
up plain joggers with some fishnets tights and cropped jumpers.

Twisted Tailoring - who doesn't love a funky detail to their outfits? Like one of those 'half and half' jumpers you can buy in Topshop. If you don't want to splurge on a new outfit but make it look very trendy then put on an old checked shirt (Gingham is very in atm) and pin it up wonky - this was our biggest nightmare a few years back but it's now turned into a trend!

Check-Mate - like I mentioned above, gingham is very much in and I couldn't be happier. I saw a gorgeous checked dress in Primark and I wish I bought it! Now I'm gona have to go back and try it on to see if I can pull it off haha!!

Spring-Bling - if you're very much into sequins and sparkles then this is perfect for you. I love glitter, I would bathe myself in it if I could so this is a great opportunity to add some bling into your wardrobe.

We were all spoilt by the organisers of the event (thank you so much Gemini!). In my goodie bag I received a bottle of Orangina with a cute paper straw, a free pizza voucher from MOD pizza (yum yum, a full restaurant review will be up soon!), some perfume samples, a front row seat ticket to the Nottingham Fashion Show, a magazine and some other bits and bobs!

I'm very excited for the fashion show, I will take many snapchats and insta stories so be sure to follow me on those: @missmayasx 

Lots of love,
Maya xo

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