Monday 10 July 2017


June was yet an another big month full of new products for me to try out. I got my hands on some amazing limited edition products from MAC as well as my very first Milani product, but my favourite thing about June was finishing second year of university and getting a very good grade too! Happy days!

Unfortunately, June has also brought many devastating events such as the Grenfell Tower fire, the Finsbury Park attack, and many more terrible, terrible events. This month will definitely not be forgotten and my love and sympathy are with those affected by the terrible events. However, I don't want this post to be depressing and uneasy to read as we should all try to move on and share love around the world, so let's get into it.

Were coloured mascaras ever a proper thing? I remember experimenting with different colours when I was younger and going to school discos, but now it's so rare to find a wearable shade that isn't too 'in your face'. Ever since discovering the YSL Luxurious Mascara False Lash Effect in the shade Extreme Blue, I was hooked and can safely say this is my favourite summer mascara. I think the blue really complements my eye colour, especially if worn with bronze eyeshadows and a bit of liner.

Most of you probably already know that I'm a massive sucker for pretty packaging, so when I saw that MAC brought out a new Summer collection including a coconut scented Fix+, I knew I had to buy it. So, quite naturally I picked up the Fix+ which smells absolutely divine, and also this cute Hawaiian looking bronzer which makes a perfect addition to my little collection. I've said it before and will stick to it, that MAC's limited edition packaging is over-rated however, I still fall for it every time... Being a huge fan of anything coconut scented and the original Fix+ spray I knew that it was a no-brainer that I'll love this newbie (I wasn't wrong - it is amazing). On the other hand, the bronzer is so beautiful to look at that I haven't given it a proper go yet as I'm scared I'll ruin the pretty pattern! I bet I sound so whiny but I just love the pattern too much! I was the same when it came to my Elizabeth Arden bronzer but now I've used it plenty of times.

I've not tried a lot of Lancome products but the ones I have tested out were pretty damn good. Who doesn't love a new fragrance? When my mum gifted me with the Lancome La Vie Est Belle I was very happy and surprised with how much I actually loved it. Not only was I intrigued by the perfume because of the beautiful Julia Roberts who is the face of Lancome, but also because of the unique shape of the bottle and its not-so-old-fashioned scent as I expected it to be.

Finally, the star of the month. I must admit that I've not been a religious user of blushers these past few years of me using makeup however, I started to get back into wearing blusher recently and this little guy has completely won me over that I NEED the whole collection like, right now, please! I bought the shade 'Tea Rose' which is very cool-toned and I thought it'll work best with my skin tone without making me look too flushed or unnatural. I have my eyes on the other shades, so who knows maybe I'll feature another one in my next monthly favourites?

What have you been loving last month? Have you tried any of the products mentioned above?

Lots of love,
Maya xo


  1. These look like some really great favourites the embossing on that blush is stunning

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. That Mac bronzer is gorgeous! I wouldn't want to use it and ruin the pattern either!

    Doused In Pink


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