Wednesday 18 October 2017


Halloween is definitely one of my favourite holidays, and when it was combined with cake by Bakerdays my life was made. I was asked to pick a design and flavour of cake to try out, so I picked this gorgeous Halloween design on a chocolate chip goodness.

Now, the size of this cake is perfect if you want to surprise a loved one with a little treat as you can have it delivered straight to their door and have it posted through the letterbox. Unfortunately. My postman was clearly daydreaming as he didn’t deliver my cake until I had to reschedule the delivery as he did not read the sign ‘fits through letterboxes’ on the box and labelled it as ‘too big’ - I had to wait an extra few days for my chocolate cake!!

Once my cake arrived I was super excited to put it to the test! Will it still be fresh? Will it taste nice? Will the design look good? Read on to find out...

I thought the cake looked very cute, it was the perfect size to be a treat for 4 people, but me being my greedy self I ended up having half the cake the day I received it, haha. It looked very moist and gooey on the inside which is honestly my most favourite thing about this cake! It smelt amazing as soon as I opened the box, the chocolaty smell was so overwhelming that I couldn’t wait to try it out. 

I really enjoyed the cake, it tasted like a chocolate fudge cake you’d get at a posh restaurant. The icing was very sweet and slightly chewy which I also like in a cake, but because I had such a big piece for pudding I found myself not being able to finish it! You can also try the cakes with a bit of custard or any type of sauce you like, but be careful to not overdo it like I had as it might ruin your experience.

These amazing letterbox cakes also come in big sizes for big events such as Christmas parties. I know for a fact that I’ll be ordering one for Christmas Day! Another great thing about them is that they last up to 2 weeks from delivery, so you can order it before Christmas and keep it in your cupboard and it will still stay fresh for the special day.
You can get your own letterbox cake from Bakerdays here, make sure to specify any allergies etc. when you create your order.

Have you tried a letterbox cake before? What’s your favourite type of cake?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

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