Thursday 17 June 2021


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Kiko cosmetics lip pencil review - the best affordable lip liners.

If you are looking for good quality and affordable lip liners then you've clicked on the right post! Over the years I have spent hundreds of pounds on lip liners (I would be going into thousands if I mentioned lipsticks 😳), and I can confidently say that I've found the best liners out there for a very affordable price of just £2.99. 
I understand that if you're on a tight budget or don't have much disposable income that you will be seeking the cheapest products out there, but you must be aware of the actual ingredients of the products and their performance - hence why I think that Kiko Milano's Smart Fusion Lip Pencils are 100% worth more than what they are!

Monday 15 June 2020


*This post contains gifted items.

I remember receiving this parcel out of the blue. There was no note and no warning that I was going to be receiving a wide range of POP Beauty's Permanent Pout Lipsticks. The excitement came rushing over when I realised that this brand is owned by Pixi Beauty who I work with regularly on a gifted basis and that they wanted to work with me on their new brand.

The Formula:

Wednesday 29 April 2020


I can't be the only one who saves certain lip colours for specific times of the year, right? Especially when it's a bright orange or pink shade.

MAC Matte Lipstick in The Fashion Flock
This is definitely one of my favourite shades to wear in the Summer. I never go abroad without it as I believe that this is the perfect Peachy shade that goes great with a tan.

If you are after the actual lipstick, I found it on eBay. However, bear in mind that it might have been used/swatched or might be out of date if previously opened.

Monday 31 October 2016


I've been meaning to try Kat Von D's makeup items for a while now and when I hear that AliExpress stocked dupes of them for only £1.12 I had to get some to try them out! I believe the original price of them is £16 in the UK and $20 in the US, which is quite a high price tag so I thought I'd give the dupes a go first!

I chose the shades Lolita, Lolita 2, Bow n Arrow, and Vampira. I didn't expect much for a quid, but oh gosh was I pleasantly surprised when I got my parcel!! The packaging was amazing, it looked very high quality and I was so excited to finally open up the lipsticks!

The scent is incredible! They are vanilla scented, which actually reminded me of the Poundland liquid lipsticks so I believe that the ingredients are very similar, therefore cannot be harmful to your skin. I know that a lot of people get funny about buying fake products, however not everyone can afford to splurge £16 on a lipstick! Especially when you can get practically the same thing for a fraction of the price.

The opacity is great. I only swatched each lipstick once on the back of my hand and the colour pay-off was amazing. It was actually really hard to rub off!
The longevity is also pretty great, I find that it does come off slightly after meals however, you can always touch it up and ta-dah! Still looks great. I believe that the colours are also very similar to the real thing, however I've got nothing to compare the fakes to, but I really do like them a lot.

P.S. - I'm not trying to promote fake makeup, however, this lipstick has worked for me well - all of them have, and I'm pretty happy with my purchase. If you want to buy them, you can find them on the website. However, it is 100% up to you if you want to purchase these products and I would recommend messaging the seller and asking for the ingredients list before purchasing the products!

Have you tried any of the Kat Von D products? Do they look similar to the AliExpress dupes? Have you tried the AliExpress dupes at all?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Tuesday 5 July 2016

Review || Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipsticks + Swatches

Good Morning!

I've never been the biggest fan of Makeup Revolution Lipsticks but because I love their palettes so much I thought I'd give the lippies another go. I decided to buy a pack of 5 lipsticks for £4 from Superdrug and I really loved the colours. I didn't expect much for the price, so tune in and take a look at the swatches.

Left-right: Depraved, Crime, Felony, Vice and Immoral.

Crime - a bold fuchsia shade. I applied two coats of this lipstick and I was really impressed with the pigment. I'm big for pink lips and I really liked this shade, however it felt waxy and rubbed off quite quickly, so I think a layer of Lipcote would help it stay in place all day.

Depraved - a bright electric purple shade. It is quite easily wearable, especially teamed up with a strong winged liner (purple is the new red, right?). I found this one quite sheer and had to apply a few layers to my lips in order to get a bold colour, however I was very happy with how it ended up. P.S. Don't mind my dry lips! I had a really bad skin day while taking these photos.

Immoral - a sky blue shade. This shade reminds me of Jeffree's Jawbreaker however it's not quite as pigmented haha!! As you can see the colour is gorgeous, however it was really hard to get the colour to show up well on my lips. You can even see how waxy it looks, and how many layers I had to apply.

Vice - a true "orange" orange. I love an orange lip, especially around this time of the year. I think it really adds to a 'boring' every day nude look, so swap your nude lip for a brighter shade like this one. The colour showed up really well, and the shine added a bit more 'oomph' to my every-day look.

Felony - an unusual dirty yellow shade. It is really nice, especially if you look at the bullet, however once it's swatched it looks a lot more 'dirty' rather than bright. It's not very wearable, however it'll be nice as an ombré, especially teamed up with 'Vice' or applied over a cool toned lipstick to add a bit more warmth to the colour.

Overall, I would rate these lipsticks a 6/10 as the pigment is there, and they stay on a fair amount of time, but the waxiness of them and unusual colours are what have brought the score down. Personally I think I will mostly use the shades Crime and Depraved the most, and the others will have to wait for a special occasion.

Have you tried any of the Makeup Revolution lipsticks? If so, what did you think and which ones are your favourite?

Lots of love,
Maya xo
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