Monday 30 March 2015

2015 || March Favourites

Hey beauties!
How are you all? I'm still recovering from my recent surgery so I've had a lot of time to take photographs of some products I've been loving this month, so keep on reading and stay tuned for more posts!
So, as you can see all of the products I've been obsessing are skin care related and are all very affordable so any of you can go and buy them. I'm not entirely sure about the availability in other countries, but nearly every shop in the UK stocks these products. Okay so let's get to it!

Sure Maximum Protection Compressed Deodorant has been introduced earlier on last year I think, and this is the only one from the entire range that I've actually liked for its long lasting effects and the scent. It is aloe vera scented and infused so not only does it smell good - it does good to your skin too. It leaves my underarms feeling smooth and hydrated while it works wonders on keeping the odour away.

Garnier Fresh Eye Make-up Remover has been my holy grail this month as I suffer from dry and sensitive skin and I never take my make-up off before going in the shower which I need to start doing!! This product has made my life a lot easier as it removes waterproof make-up and the mascara that I'm using at the moment is so hard to take off, and also the eyelash glue I'm using is permanently on my eyelids!! I highly recommend this product to people with sensitive skin and those who wear fake eyelashes on a daily basis because it does get rid of the glue and keeps your eyes tear-free!

Dove Go Fresh roll-on Deodorant smells a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! It leaves a cooling feel when you apply it, it's great for when you've just had a shower after a nice work out. It keeps you feeling fresh and ready to start your day and the scent is delicious!

Sure Invisible roll-on Deodorant is one that I use in the evenings or for when I go out as it doesn't leave any marks after using it and dries really quickly, so if you want to wear that LBD, you do so girl! It offers maximum protection for 24 hours (obviously nobody will need it for that long) but it's great for nights out especially as clubs do tend to get you hot and sweaty!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - now this is something every blogger has been raging about for the past few months. This is the first time I've repurchased a cleansing water and what can I say other than that I'm very impressed with this product and with what it does to my skin. It smells great, leaves my skin feeling clean and healthy and it's also hydrating so it's perfect for this kind of weather we've been having. If you use it before applying your make-up make sure you use a moisturiser with a subtle glow or a primer such as Prep&Prime from MAC as it gives a great glow to your face and you're instantly Spring photo ready!

Clean&Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion is very good for oily skin types and those who get a lot of break outs. It cleanses your face completely out of all oils, dirt and blackheads as well as it prevents new ones from growing. You can feel the difference after the first use and this is definitely my favourite product out of the ones I've mentioned above as not only it gives me a cleansed feel/look but also moisturises my skin and leaves it feeling smooth and soft. It's great for using before bedtime.

What have you been loving this month? Have you tried any of the products above?

Lots of love,
Maya xo
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