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Wednesday 29 November 2017


Now that my 22nd birthday is just around the corner I've been feeling the need to step up my skincare game and start using anti-ageing products. By that, I am not saying that you should start using anti-ageing skincare, all I'm trying to say is that I started to notice lines under my eyes and darker circles under them so I thought now is the time to finally start using products to aid my ageing process in the most natural and graceful way.

I was recently gifted some Indeed Laboratories products by the lovely Maddy from Bux & Bewl including the Q10 Booster and the Eysilix 2 Total Eye Rescuer and I couldn't wait to try them.
Both products are designed for fine lines and wrinkles - whether that's on your face or crow's feet, there's something available for everyone.

The Q10 Booster also helps to defend against free-radicals, is paraben, colourant and fragrance-free and on top of that feels amazing on my skin. The booster is said to be used twice a day (morning and night), either on its own or mixed with a serum, moistures or foundation - I prefer to use it on its own before moisturising, however, it also works amazingly applied onto a beauty sponge before blending foundation. I have noticed an instant glow to my skin and been trying to use this product as instructions say (twice daily), and have also seen a difference in how my skin feels and looks. The Vitamin E and Vitamin C which slow down the ageing process and are antioxidants that get rid oxidant chemicals that are caused by literally everything.

The Eysilix 2 is a 'total eye rescue cream formulated with peptides, ceramides, extracts and probiotics to help instantly smooth wrinkles and reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes'. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it sort of is... just like the Q10 booster, this eye cream is free of parabens, colourants and fragrance, and feels amazing on the skin. It's very light-weight and absorbs really quickly so it doesn't mean that you'll have to get up early in the morning just to fit in a new skincare routine as this one only takes a couple of minutes! I do find that this fills up the lines around my eyes nicely and allows my makeup to sit on top of my skin without sinking - I did tell you it was a dreamy product!

These two are honestly some of my new favourite skincare products and I would highly recommend them to all who are wanting to start an anti-ageing skincare routine as these are suitable for all skin types - even sensitive so you can't really go wrong with them now, can you?!

You can purchase the Q10 Booster here, and the Eysilix 2 here.

Lots of love,
Maya xo
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