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Tuesday 7 March 2017


Many of you would know by now that I spend my wages as if I had an unlimited trust fund haha. I sometimes find myself having to sell my old clothes in order to buy new ones or when there's a new release of a makeup collab I have to have, then I will literally not buy anything at all for weeks just to be able to afford the products. I know this isn't healthy but that's the way I am - I am addicted to shopping.

I try to be good now, I've been saving quite a lot of pennies and even considering going on two holidays. But how do I manage to save up and make some spare cash outside of work? Well, read on to find out!

Surveys - probably the most common way to make some spare cash. The companies get paid and so do you, even if it means you only get about 10-20 pence per survey it all adds up at the end.
I've had an account with InboxPounds for a few months now and I've finally cashed out last week! You need to make at least £20 in order to receive your check and I waited until I reached that amount. Now I'm back to £2-3, trying to earn another 20 quid. This will probably take me a month or two spending around 10-30 mins a day (depending on amount paid for each survey).

Another great website to use - especially for shopaholics like me - is SwagBucks. You basically make money while spending it.. Sounds too good to be true? Well, find out for yourself! If you buy something online from, for example New Look, and go on the website via SwagBucks then you will either get cashback or some $$ put into your SwagBucks account!

Another great way to make some spare cash is by doing cashback deals from debit/credit cards. My bank offers cashback deals when you shop within certain stores/brands which is amazing as I shop everywhere 24/7.

Considering making money with your blog? I would suggest inserting relevant adverts or singing up to websites like Amazon Affiliate. This is an amazing program which allows you to insert links within your blog and for every click/purchase made you receive commission. This is great for those who do a lot of product reviews, as you can link the product to Amazon and get paid for it.

If your blog is starting to grow and you can see an increase in views/follows then I would suggest asking companies for payment for collaborations. I know this might be slightly awkward to address, but at the end of the day a free makeup brush is great but it won't pay the bills haha. I mean, I haven't asked any companies for payments as I don't feel like I'm there yet, but if I'm offered payment as well as a freebie then I'm on board!

I hope this post helped, this is how I manage to make some extra cash outside of work in order to promote my blog. So, all money made is going to be invested into blogging anyway haha!

Lots of love,
Maya xo

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