Friday 12 May 2017


Ever since I've heard about the brand NYX I have been wanting to get my hands on some of their products to try out. Finally, after a long time, I bought a few Soft Matte Lip Creams after hearing so many people rave about them.

I think the size is very handy as you can just shove it in your bag, and the little bottle looks a lot like the MAC Lipglasses. They're not heavy, and I believe that they are all made out of plastic. As always, all NYX products are vegan which means that the products are NOT tested on animals - just another reason to buy their makeup products!

The consistency of the product, for me, was very odd. It felt like mousse instead of liquid lipstick which I found fascinating as I can't feel it on my lips at all. It's very smooth and velvet like - yes! That's exactly what it feels like. Now I know why the lipsticks are called 'soft cream' haha.

Now, these are quite long lasting but I feel that I need to re-apply after eating or drinking which is annoying, but like I said before - they're easy to carry around anyway. On a good day it will last around 6 hours without touching up and I think that's pretty good bearing in mind a normal bullet lipstick would not last anywhere near as much as six hours.

The shades I currently own are London, Rome and Copenhagen. I thought they're the best of nudes, pinks and darks haha! The next shade that's on my wishlist is definitely Toulouse but I'm not sure if you can buy it individually or only in a set.

Have you tried any of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams? Do you have a favourite shade?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Wednesday 10 May 2017


I recently got a new cute little cross-body bag, so what better post to share with you than a 'what's inside my bag'?

As you can see, the bag is quite small but I have the powers of Mary Poppins and can always find enough room to shove all my things in, haha! My purse takes up the most room in my bag and I didn't want to replace it with a smaller coin purse as I never know how many cards I will need! (By this I mean loyalty/membership/gift cards - not debit/credit cards!!)

Another essential for me is a pair of sunglasses. I'm not sure if you're all aware but I do have to wear prescription glasses and my eyes tend to get really dry and sensitive in daylight so I always carry a pair of sunnies with me everywhere I go. I got these marble ones from Primark for only £3! What a bargain!

My house keys need to be on me 24/7 otherwise, I panic haha. Once I thought I wasn't able to go to work because I couldn't find my keys when I actually hung them up on my pinboard... :'). Now I always keep them in sight - either in my bag when I'm out, or on the table next to the front door.

I used to carry around a makeup bag with a full-face of goodies inside when I was at school & college, but now I can't be bothered to carry all the weight when I'm constantly on the go with an already heavy bag. Now I narrow it down to 2-3 products and this Spring I've been loving my Benefit Porefessional License to Blot Stick (now discontinued), any of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, and a small bottle of perfume - this time is the Ted Baker XO Extraordinary fragrance.

Of course, my phone is going to find its way in my bag, haha. I use it to take some pictures for my social media when I carry a small bag around but hopefully, I'll be upgrading to a new phone soon(ish) so I won't have to drag my big camera around everywhere with me anymore.

*This post contains affiliate links.

What have you got in your bag this Spring? Any essentials you can't live without?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Tuesday 25 October 2016


This might as well be a back-to-uni haul because all these items were new and bought specifically for uni, yet I loved them all haha!

My favourite has to be the pink diary I got from Poundland - yes, you read it right POUNLAND!
The second notebook is from Primark, and I believe it only cost me £2.50 but just look at the glitter and unicorns ahhh! It's to DIE for!
Next up, (also from Primark) I loved the 'Full Look' false lashes. They are only £1 and I usually go for the sultry lashes, however I fancied a change and saw these beauties. Oh wow, I was so happily surprised when I wore them! Of course, I reuse my lashes a few times before chucking them out, so I think £1 is an absolute bargain even if you do get rid of them after the first use!
I've been wanting to try the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream lipsticks for a while now and I decided to purchase the shade 'Rome' - not only because it's a gorgeous colour, but also because I'm obsessed with anything to do with Italy haha (especially pizza). I absolutely love the formula, it feels like I've got nothing on, and smells a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! I'm definitely going to expand my collection soon, especially as they're only £5.50!
The whole hype about the Maybelline Eye Erase concealer turned out to be true for me too. I absolutely adore this concealer, I think the coverage is great and it hides my dark circles. The only issue I have with this product is the shade - it's not light enough!!! Come on Maybelline, sort your shit out and make some paler shades for us ghosts!!!
Last but not least, another spot cream. I don't get a lot of break outs nowadays (come on, I'm nearly 21 now, this needs to stop!), but when I do I get it bad. This little bad boy has been my saviour during August and I know for a fact that I will repurchase it until they bring out a spot cream that's better than this one, however I don't think you can top this 95p treatment from Wilko's.

What have you loved in August this year? Have you tried any of the products I've mentioned above?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Thursday 28 July 2016


Hi Everyone!

Who doesn't own a NYX liquid lipstick yet? Either if it's a Soft Matte Lip Cream or the Lip Lingerie, it doesn't matter - NYX has been raved about for quite some time in the UK now and I've finally joined the bandwagon once I heard that my local Boots store opened up a NYX counter.

It wasn't long until I grabbed a few items including this gorgeous shade from the Lingerie collection. I really wanted to get more shades but the ones they had left weren't my cup of tea as many were sold out almost immediately...

First of all, the packaging is gorgeous. It looks a lot like the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit but for a fraction of the price, haha! It feels quite heavy and expensive to be honest, I actually thought it'd be quite flimsy and light but I'm glad it's not - this will make a great present for a friend or family member.

It took me forever to try and find the name of the shade ha ha, how embarrassing! I actually thought that this was a collection rather than the shade!

As you can see, the wand is really flat which makes it quite easy to apply. However, I do prefer Jeffree Star's wands as they are shaped to hug lips for better application, on the other hand I feel like NYX could have improved their wands as it's quite hard to get in the corners of the mouth and it always feels like I go out of line when applying this onto my lips.

So, not only is the wand flat but it's quite thick so it makes it even harder to apply! I think this would be easier to use with a lip brush however, I just slap on a bit of lipliner and go over with this lippy and have the perfect untouched lip for at least 5 hours!

Here's a swatch with the flash on, and the one below is a swatch with the flash off.
It actually looks a lot warmer and brown on my arm than it does on my lips as I feel like it's more of a nudish purple shade.

Overall, I was really impressed with the pigment of this lipstick and loved the colour when I swatched it on my arm, but because it shows up purple on my lips it slightly disappointed me and I wish I chose a different shade, as well as the wand isn't very up my street. But hey ho! What can you do? It was only £6.50 and the formula is great so I can't complain!

I will definitely add more of these to my collection, next on the list is Ruffle Trim!

Have you tried any of the NYX lip products? Which ones did you like best?

Lots of love,
Maya xo
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