Wednesday 9 January 2019


So here it is, 2019 has finally arrived and I couldn’t be happier to say ‘goodbye’ (and fuck you) to the previous year. 2018 was honestly one of the worst years of my life, even though I still made some amazing memories. In this post I will share my highs and some of my lows of 2018, as well as my aspirations and goals for 2019.

January - I turned 22 and celebrated my birthday with my friends and boyfriend.
- I travelled to Birmingham for work by myself.
February - I went to the re-launch of Las Iguanas in Nottingham with my boyfriend.
- I celebrated my friend's engagement party.
March - I had my first freelance job in months and modelled for a new brand.
April - I handed my dissertation in - a whole lot of words that I now have forgotten.
- I attended a fashion show and met lots of lovely bloggers thanks to Judi from Gemini.
May - I handed my last bits of coursework for my final year of uni.
June - I and my other half went on a fabulous holiday in Majorca.
July - I started a new job at Origins.
- I graduated from the University of Nottingham with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Criminology and Social Policy.
- I injured myself in the second week of my new job which resulted in some time off.
- I moved to a new house with my boyfriend.
August - I found out that my Master's application was unsuccessful.
September - I worked with one of my favourite brands (Sanctuary Spa).
- I travelled to London for the first time ever (by myself) and got lost on my way to the building and also lost my train ticket for the journey back.
October - I travelled to London again for work, this time with a colleague and I loved every minute of it.
- One of my closest friends at work handed her notice in :(
- I and my partner hosted our first Halloween party at our new house.
November - I found out I was going to lose my job (a job I really love) because the department store I work at is closing down.
December - I met some more gorgeous girls at a blogging event (Thanks to Judi).
- I celebrated being with my boyfriend for 6 years.
- Got spoiled at Christmas with lots of presents, but also had my mood spoiled.
- Celebrated NYE by staying in and ordering a takeaway with my best friend.

So, as you can see my year was full of surprises - from graduating to losing my job. Like I’ve said I mentioned all the highs but only some lows as they are too difficult and painful to talk about at this moment. I am very grateful for everyone who made 2018 special but also glad that I cut out toxic people out of my life. There is nothing worse you can do to yourself than keeping nasty people in your life.

Moving on, here are my goals and aspirations for 2019:
1) Get a graduate job
2) Start doing yoga daily
3) Eat well
4) Go to Paris
5) Start saving up for a house
6) Start driving lessons
7) Stop eating dairy
8) Eat less meat
9) Visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour
10) Reach 10K followers on Instagram
11) Re-launch my blog
12) Read at least one book a month
13) Start writing a novel
14) Educate myself on SEO and web design
15) Drink more water
16) Go on a summer holiday

I think that’s pretty much it for now, I will probably add a few more goals to my list as I tick off the others (finger’s crossed). I just really hope that 2019 will be my best year yet and I cannot wait to share my journey with you all.


What are your goals and aspirations for 2019? What did you do for NYE?

Lots of love,
Maya xo
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