Monday, 18 November 2013

Yankee Candles

Just like every other girl, I love scented candles. My favourite are Yankee Candles, as they will burn for many hours and the smell is never ending as I don't have to light them up for them to give nice smell. I had to buy a couple of the new festive candles: Snowflake Cookie, and Merry Marshmallow. Snowflake Cookie is by far my favourite as it is very sweet and you can actually smell the biscuit which is amazing! Merry Marshmallow is a fluffy bunny's favourite haha. It smells just like vanilla marshmallows. It's fantastic. 
Vanilla Frosting smells very buttery like cake frosting should, and the hint of vanilla is very strong which fills the room up with lovely fresh baked cake smell. 
I recently purchased Soft Cotton as I wanted a change form all the heavy and sweet scents. This candle smells like fresh laundry which makes me want to smell it all the time! I might just have to buy about 4 of these and spread them round in my wardrobe!

Soft Cotton
Vanilla Frosting
Snowflake Cookie
Merry Marshmallow

Hope you enjoyed today's post.
Maya xo

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