Thursday, 14 August 2014

DIY || Chevron Friendship Bracelet

Hi there beauties!
In today's post I will teach you how to make your own friendship bracelets. It will be described and shown on pictures. What I really like, is that you can choose your own colours and patterns which are quite easy to do! Summer is already here and I just feel like it's a must for me to share with you guys how to make your own friendship bracelets! (Sorry about the pictures not being so great, my camera was very out of focus!)

So here are two pictures of one of the bracelets that I have made.

 First of all, you need to measure out around 68inch of embroidery thread of at least three different colours. Then fold the pieces of string in the middle, just like it's shown in the picture above.

 Make a small loop, but big enough to tie when you're done with your bracelet.

 Separate the colours out so they are opposite each other. I have put the pink strings in the middle, the burgundy after and the black on top. The order will change every time you make a row of the pattern.

 Take the string on the right side and create a reverse 'L' shape over the string on the left.


Then take the end of the 'L' shaped string and take it under the string and pull it through so it comes out on top.

 Then tighten the string on the top of the loop like this:

Now it is nice and neat.

Now carry on with the rest of the strings on that side.

 And then change the direction and do a normal 'L' shape an do the same.

This is what one of the sides should look like when done.

 And here is a snap of what a whole row looks like.

 Here you can see how the pattern is going to look so just carry on until you've reached the perfect length to go around your wrist/ankle.

 And this is how the bracelets should look like when finished :) I hope this wasn't too complicated, you can always watch a YT video on how to make a Chevron bracelet!
Lots of love,
Maya xo

Friday, 23 May 2014

Review || MUA Lipstick in shade 16 - Nectar

Hello everyone,
I recently bought another MUA lipstick from Superdrug for £1. This time I chose shade 16 - Nectar which is a dark coral shade. I don't really have a lot to say about this product because you all know from my previous reviews that MUA lipsticks are a must-have especially as they come in so many different shades for such an amazing price. 
The packaging is very simple. Nice, sleek black and silver with the brand's logo on it. Keeping it simple, but classy. The bottom of this lipstick is 'see-through' but if you undo it, it is actually a lipgloss/balm attached to the bottom for you to choose whether you feel like wearing layers of heavy lipstick on colder days, or a hint of colour of the balm on hot days.
The lipstick looks a bit red. The texture and coverage are fantastic, especially as this lippy was only £1 from MUA. You can never have enough lipsticks. It is very easy to apply and to be honest, you don't even need to buy a lip liner because the lipstick looks great without having to accentuate your lips.
The packaging close-up. It looks similar to MAC's Morange.
Just one layer of this lipstick gives great coverage. I swatched it on my hand to show you guys how it looks on pale skin. It's a very orangey-coral shade. Perfect for the Summer.
That's what the lipstick looks like swatched layered up. It looks more bright red rather than coral.
I also bought this limited edition ChapStick in Shimmer Berry. It smells heavenly but doesn't really give any moisture, it kind of feels like it drains the lips from it :/
Lots of love,
Maya xo

Friday, 18 April 2014

Healthy Diet Plan

Hello everyone!
Oh dear, I really do need to get into a routine of posting more on my blog! I recently decided to go on a diet, as I have got slightly bit rounder since I started my new job at Dominos Pizza (I can't resist a free pizza). I drastically cut down on fast food, such as Mcdonalds, Dominos, Chinese take away etc. I also stopped snacking, not altogether of course! I stopped eating excessive amounts of chocolate, sweets and crisps and replaced those fatty foods with fresh fruit and low calorie snacks. 
I decided to drink at least two smoothies a week, which are full of vitamins and minerals that will make my skin and hair much better. I thought I will take some pictures to add to this post of the last smoothie I made.
I used seedless grapes, two bananas, two kiwis (I added another one after I took this photo) and a Frugo juice. I regret not peeling the grapes as the skin did not blend in the mixer :(
I chopped the fruit and put it in the smoothie mixer. After they blended quite well I added the juice and some extra water for it to be smooth and runny instead of really thick.
And the results were amazing. This smoothie was very different to what I usually stick to, but it was a nice change and I will be definitely making this again :)
After my morning smoothie I thought I'd make a healthy lunch. I heated up canned tomato soup and added some spices to make it less sweet. I sliced a wholegrain bagel in half, and voilla! Lunch = sorted. :)
Lots of love,
Maya xo

Monday, 31 March 2014

Review || Rimmel 60 Seconds nail varnish in 410 I Lilac You

Hi guys!
Today I'm going to review Rimmel's 60 seconds nail varnish in I Lilac You. I bought this nail polish today and wanted to use it as soon as I got home! I'm really obsessed with pastel colours at the moment, and needed a lilac nail varnish to add to my collection! I don't think I've tried any of Rimmel's 60 seconds nail polishes so thought, why not try this one out!

The packaging: It's a pretty basic and rounded glass bottle of 8ml. It has a Union Jack sticker on the handle. It is quite small and handy, unlike some large bottles, and it holds a lot of product.
The application: It is very easy to apply as the brush is quite thick and stiff. You need about two coats of the product to have perfect coverage around the nail, so not only it's easy to apply but you save a lot of product by not layering the nail like a cake. Because the nail varnish is one of the 60 seconds edition, it dries really quick. I was actually shocked by how fast my nails have dried!
Overall opinion: I really like this nail polish, and will definitely buy other colours from the 60 seconds range. I don't think there is much else to say about this product other than every girl has to own one, because it's great quality for the value!!
Lots of love,

Monday, 18 November 2013


Soft Cotton
Vanilla Frosting
Snowflake Cookie
Merry Marshmallow
Just like every other girl, I love scented candles. My current favourites are Yankee Candles, as they will burn for many hours and the smell is never-ending as I don't have to light them up for them to give a nice smell. I had to buy a couple of the new festive candles: Snowflake Cookie, and Merry Marshmallow. Snowflake Cookie is by far my favourite as it is very sweet and you can actually smell the biscuit which is amazing! Merry Marshmallow is a fluffy bunny's favourite haha. It smells just like mini vanilla marshmallows. It's fantastic. 
Vanilla Frosting smells very buttery-like cake frosting should, and the hint of vanilla is very strong which fills the room up with lovely fresh-baked cake smell. 
I recently purchased Soft Cotton as I wanted a change form all the heavy and sweet scents. This candle smells like fresh laundry which makes me want to smell it all the time! I might just have to buy about 4 of these and spread them round in my bedroom or even in my wardrobe!

Lots of love,
Maya xo
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