Tuesday 1 April 2014

Recent Purchases

Hello everyone!
OMG it's April!!! Time has flown by so fast. Next thing we know we'll be all sitting down in exam halls trying our best to remember the answers to the questions! I don't know about you guys, but I've been so stressed recently due to coursework deadlines and exam revision.
I have recently been out shopping again. I needed new shoes and some everyday essentials, such as underwear. I went round a few shops but picked out the most things from Primark.
I got a pug cushion to add to my collection. My little bed is covered in cushions and teddies Kieran bought for me. This cushion was only £4 and is very soft!
The two pairs of knee high socks were just something I picked up because of the sale! They were 50 pence each from what I can remember and are very thick and fluffy so I will either wear them as welly socks or to bed on cold nights!
I always pick up at least one pair of frilly socks! This time I chose pastel pink to match the new bra!
The Peter Pan socks are also a match to my Peter Pan t-shirt! I feel so coordinated picking out matching outfits!
The daisy shade were needed. Especially at the price of £2!! Bargaaaain!!
And like I mentioned in my previous 'recent purchases' post, I always buy DVD's when I'm out shopping! This time I picked up a copy of Troy and the Gladiator. I love a bit of history, I do!!!
Dun dun duuuun! And here is a picture of the star of the post! Beautiful, pink Nike blazers!!! I've wanted to get some for a long time now but never had enough money. I saw these and instantly fell in love! There is nothing better than pink trainers that go with anything!!!
Lots of love,
Maya xo

Wednesday 4 December 2013

You have a more interesting life if you wear impressive clothes. - Vivienne Westwood

Hey lovelies!
I noticed that I haven't been posting much lately, and that's only because I have been so busy at college and work that I barely had any time to myself! (sob, sob). So, I got a new job and I couldn't be happier about it! It isn't too hard but it's very tiring :( however I cannot wait till pay day!! I already decided what I'm going to buy, and it's all going to be in this loooong post! ;)

I particularly like this top  because of the bright green colour. It would complement my blue eyes and make them stand out more. The lace flowers are so fashionable and would look really nice with black skinny jeans and Chelsea boots.
This festive jumper is so so so so cute! I must have it! 
I need a midi dress, but I hope it won't make me look too short so I will deffo buy some sky scrapers to go with it!
This playsuit is so adorable and sexy. The silky material just makes me want to touch it! It looks a little bit like a night time slip, but who cares?! It's gorgeous!
Cable knit jumpers are my favourite kind, so I will definitely be buying this one! especially as the colour is so lovely and will look good on my pale skin.
I know that this is a men's shirt, but it's so America, and I just love America too much not to buy it, especially as it's such a bargain for £7 from Primark!
No words need to be said other than 'look at the previous picture'.
This picture is so tiny but what can I say, the jumpsuit is so pretty it makes me want to cry that I don't own it yet.
This camisole style dress will make me look a lot slimmer and hopefully make my bust look larger he he!
Those leggings though... I would feel like a princess wearing them with my salmon camisole!
I only have one midi skirt and I think it looks great on me, but I need a plain black one so it would go with more of my tops!
This watch is just perfect especially as it's only £19.99 at New Look! I will definitely purchase this item as I need a new watch and of course it's such a bargain! 
My eyelashes are already long and thick, but 2 pairs of Eylure fake eyelashes for £5.99 at New Look is just such an amazing thing! I love wearing fake eyelashes as it makes me feel more feminine so I will deffo buy them!
I've heard many good reviews on this highlighter and I really want to try it, seeing as I'm running out of the one I normally use!
As I've said before, I love Benefit's primers, and I currently use POREfessional, but I'm running out of it boohoo :( so I won't be buying the same one again as I'd like to try this one. I've had a tester of I before and I love the smell of it and it makes my face look so much brighter and healthier.
Now, now, now. MAC make up is so good and I love it. I really need to buy a new brush cleanser because the one I use now makes my brushes feel really coarse :(
The next foundation I will be buying is the Studio Fix from MAC. I heard that it smells horrible but works wonders on the face!
Another Studio Fix foundation but in a form of a powder. I will probably take this foundation with me everywhere I go as it's rather small and would fit in my little hand bag!
This translucent powder is perfect as it will give my foundation a satin finish on my face so it doesn't look caked up.
This blush is gorgeous. The colour will make my cheeks look more lively so I don't look too pale!!
My favourite MAC products must be their lipsticks. I particularly like this one as the colour would complement my blue eyes and blonde hair.
And here come the eye shadows. I particularly like those four colours as they go well together and I could mix and match them with my other eye shadows. The dewy finish will make my eyes stand out more, which is just what I want!

That's it for today my lovelies.
Have a good night!
Lots of love,
Maya xo

Monday 18 November 2013


Soft Cotton
Vanilla Frosting
Snowflake Cookie
Merry Marshmallow
Just like every other girl, I love scented candles. My current favourites are Yankee Candles, as they will burn for many hours and the smell is never-ending as I don't have to light them up for them to give a nice smell. I had to buy a couple of the new festive candles: Snowflake Cookie, and Merry Marshmallow. Snowflake Cookie is by far my favourite as it is very sweet and you can actually smell the biscuit which is amazing! Merry Marshmallow is a fluffy bunny's favourite haha. It smells just like mini vanilla marshmallows. It's fantastic. 
Vanilla Frosting smells very buttery-like cake frosting should, and the hint of vanilla is very strong which fills the room up with lovely fresh-baked cake smell. 
I recently purchased Soft Cotton as I wanted a change form all the heavy and sweet scents. This candle smells like fresh laundry which makes me want to smell it all the time! I might just have to buy about 4 of these and spread them round in my bedroom or even in my wardrobe!

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Sunday 29 September 2013


Hello Fabulous!
I'm so naughty, haven't been posting much lately AGAIN!
I've just been so busy with college, seeing as I decided to choose different subjects to what I did last year so now I have to catch up with all the work, boohoo! :(
I will try and post as much as possible now, I realised that blogging also takes time as much as revision does -_-
Well, today I have made a collage of my new purchases, there's not a lot because for some odd reason my silly phone won't let me send pics to my laptop :S, so I will include the rest of the pics in another post via my phone. Hope this month at school/college/uni has gone as fast as mine has! There's just so much work to do nowadays, and I always finish doing my hw and revision around 7-8 so I barely have any time for myself therefore less time for blogging :(
Anyway, these are my new purchases:
Creepers, fur coat, tartan socks, books, shloer, American goodies, and some new DVD's.
I have bought many more things since then so watch out for my next post!
Mwahh :*
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