Sunday, 3 November 2013

Nail Caviar review

As every other girl, I love having cool nails, so I thought I will try out the 'caviar effect' in black and blue.
I don't know why, but I feel like a better person who takes care of themselves when I have nice and neat nails haha. First of all, I wanted to experiment with the new creation and I also wondered how hard it would be to apply the beads onto the nail.

The packaging: The beads were in a cute little bottle which had a funnel to make the application easier. It was see through and you could see the colourful and shiny beads inside it. Personally, I liked the packaging due to it's transparency as it allowed me to see what the beads are like, unlike other nail caviar bottles which only say the colour of the beads instead of actually allowing you to see them.

The application: The application was quite tricky. I had to hold my hand over a bowl so the beads wouldn't go everywhere. The funnel made the application a bit easier, however I had to be quick with the application as the top coat on my nail was drying quite fast. I had to reapply the top coat a few times so the beads would stay in place. I guess you need to be patient to do your nails perfectly, sadly this is something I am not :(

How long did it last?: I used an anti-chip nail varnish for my base which stays on without chipping for about 4-5 days. The top coat I have used makes every nail varnish last about 2 days longer (6-7 days now, yay!) and then the bead did not fall off until I accidentally peeled the layer off! This means that the beads last even longer, however you must always use a top coat if you want your nails varnish to last longer!

Here's a pretty bad picture of the final look of my nail:

This picture had been taken at night so it was a bit dark and my shadow was covering half of my hand! My phone's camera is a bit dodgy, so excuse the bad photo!

Lots of love,
Maya xo

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