Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Market 2013

Hey dolls!
As everyone started posting pictures of the Christmas markets near them on their blogs, I thought I'd do the same, especially as I love Christmas markets!!! I went a bit crazy with he pictures, and I took so many that I tried to include the best ones. Most of the pictures have some comments on them :) Bring on the crimbo!!

My little brother with his minion :)

Unfortunately I didn't get to go ice skating,
however I will be returning there to go skating
with Kieran :)

Snow cakes at an amazing bargain of 80 pence per one.

One of the snow cakes that me and my sister chose.
That's one of the snow cakes that I've bought.

I have an unhealthy addiction to chocolate coated marshmallows.
Who wants some ice cream? - I DO, I DO!!!
Whenever we go to Maysum for a meal, I always have to take
a strawberry cheesecake!
Mmmm the chocolate flavoured soft scoop ice cream were lovely.
I tried the honeycomb hot chocolate.
My little sister's first ever Costa :)
She had the black forest gateau hot chocolate.

Hello! I'm wearing H&M jeans, New Look creepers,
Primark boyfriend cardigan, Primark snood, and
my favourite vintage fur coat! :)

I bought this cuuuute marshmallow crimbo tree!

Maya xo

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