Tuesday 7 January 2014

Recent Purchases

Hey guys! 
I thought I'm going to do a tiny little post on some of instagram pictures, because I've been so busy eith my upcoming exams and I have been just stressing out waaaay too much! I will try and post more, however I will have to organise a new schedule for revision, homework, work, social life and blogging! :O

Maya xo

Thursday 26 December 2013

Christmas ☆

Hi all, Merry Christmas!
I've been looking forward to Christmas for a couple of months now as my parents have told me what I'm getting, therefore I'm happy happy happy today! In this post I will include all my Christmas presents (there is quite a lot of photographs). Me and my siblings have make Christmas cookies for Santa and the Reindeers (all called Maya, of course), they turned out so tasty that I can't keep my hands off them!

This is the book I am currently reading. This mug is one of my Christmas presents.
Everyone knows that I'm a big tea person.
Kieran got me this hot chocolate mug. Everyone who knows me well,
knows that I have an obsession with mugs.
What more could you want than miniature Soap&Glory toiletries.
Thank you Becky!
This hand cream is also from Kieran and it smells like chocolate Heaven.
My best friend, Becky knows how much food means to me.
My new best friend, from Kieran.
Mwahahahaha I can't wait to read those. Thanks nana!
The size is just amazing. I love thick books.
Thank you Kieran! More books to add to my collection :)
Mummy knows me well ;)
Thank you so much to my lovely neighbour for getting me these fabulous gloves!
I have waited so long to get my hands on this perfume.
Thank you so so so much Mummy and Daddy!
I can't decide what's better, the fragrance or the bottle?
My first ever onesie, and it has pugs on it!!
Thanks mumma! :*
The zip is a bow though...
Becky know me well ;)
So many mugs!!! Love this one so much, thanks mum!!
This candle smells soooo good! 
Look how pretty it is x
Omnomnom Becky!!!
Thanks mum!
Thank you baby sister x
Favourite sweets from the best boy in the world.
New foundation :))))
I'm definitely going to write a review on this product!
That's it for today guys!
Love, Maya xo

Sunday 8 December 2013

Christmas Market 2013

Hey dolls!
As everyone started posting pictures of the Christmas markets near them on their blogs, I thought I'd do the same, especially as I love Christmas markets!!! I went a bit crazy with he pictures, and I took so many that I tried to include the best ones. Most of the pictures have some comments on them :) Bring on the crimbo!!

My little brother with his minion :)

Unfortunately I didn't get to go ice skating,
however I will be returning there to go skating
with Kieran :)

Snow cakes at an amazing bargain of 80 pence per one.

One of the snow cakes that me and my sister chose.
That's one of the snow cakes that I've bought.

I have an unhealthy addiction to chocolate coated marshmallows.
Who wants some ice cream? - I DO, I DO!!!
Whenever we go to Maysum for a meal, I always have to take
a strawberry cheesecake!
Mmmm the chocolate flavoured soft scoop ice cream were lovely.
I tried the honeycomb hot chocolate.
My little sister's first ever Costa :)
She had the black forest gateau hot chocolate.

Hello! I'm wearing H&M jeans, New Look creepers,
Primark boyfriend cardigan, Primark snood, and
my favourite vintage fur coat! :)

I bought this cuuuute marshmallow crimbo tree!

Maya xo
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