Friday 14 February 2014

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Hi guys!
As everyone knows, today is Valentine's day. Unlike most people I don't really like celebrating this event, because you shouldn't need an excuse or just one day a year to be nice and loving towards your partner, as this should be done every day. I have been with Kieran for a while now and we have never paid much attention to this day as we show affection all the time :)
Anyway, I went out shopping with my best friend Amarah yesterday and we had our make up done by Benefit. Of course I bought some make up from there, you don't even need to ask!

The high beam highlighter is £19.50 and is used to illuminate your skin and to give you natural looking glow.
It looks like a large nail varnish bottle.
Another pair of frilly socks. (my obsession has no limits)
Those gorgeous cut out shoes/boots are from Topshop. They were on sale for an amazing £18! They only had size 7 left but with my eye for bargains I found the last size 5 pair, even though I'm usually size 6 these fit perfectly.

I hope you enjoyed this short post, let me know what you think and maybe what I should write about next time?
Lots of love,
Maya xo

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  1. Well done sweet Maya, I like your thinking about the valentine day. I'm in the same position like you are, we have to understand that love is not ones or twise a year but it is all time and she needs all partner effor.


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