Wednesday 21 January 2015

Review || DermaV10 Q10 Innovations Regenerating Moisturiser

Good Evening Everyone!!
How's everyone holding up knowing that Christmas is over? No more lay-ins but late nights and sleep deprivation to get that work done! I have been very poorly since September and have got given yet another antibiotics so had been staying in bed for the past three days :( I miss my friends!! I'm trying to be on top of everything, including my coursework, revision and also uni preparations!! I cannot wait to get my LNAT out of the way next month, along with my mock exams. I am so excited to finally join my friends and go to university to study law!! How great is fresher's week going to be?! WOOO!!
Anyway, excuse the enthusiasm! I have recently found this AMAZING skincare product and am over the moon with it. In my previous post I have told you about my first experience with DermaV10 and how happy I was with the product especially for the price! (here) This time I bought an anti wrinkle cream (better to be safe than sorry!) and it was only 99p. Yup, that's right - 99 PENCE.
As you can see, it is a new product recently added to their wide range, and is suitable for all skin types. I will definitely buy more of those products to review for you guys, and I'm sure I won't be disappointed.
So here is what the jar looks like. It is plastic and doesn't look great but come on now, what can you expect for the price? It looks pretty good to me!
The product was sealed so that's always a good thing. Very hygienic. The actual moisturiser looks like any other one, kind of reminded me of Nivea by the scent and texture.
The consistency of the product is very thick and you don't need a lot for your face. It glides on smoothly and leaves your skin replenished, hydrated and silky smooth. I have been using this product for over a week now every day and night and I have noticed results after the first use. My skin feels a lot smoother and healthier, with a nice dewy glow. I definitely recommend this product to any girl my age who hasn't got wrinkles but wants to prevent them, and also any older woman who needs that extra boost for their skin, because it might actually help you! Because I don't have wrinkles, I cannot tell you whether it's good for people who do, however it's worth trying as it won't do you any harm, it's gentle for the skin and very affordable.

What do you guys think? Should I do a give away of DermaV10's products? Have you tried any of them?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Review || MUA Matt Lipsticks in Fawn Fancy and Lilac Belle

Hiya my lovelies!
So, MUA's new collection has recently come out and I just had to go and buy the new matte lipstick! I bought Lilac Belle which is a pastel purple shade, and also Fawn Fancy which is a brown nude. I really love both of these colours!
MUA's packaging never fails to impress me. I own around 7 MUA lipsticks and the fact that they are only £1 each amazes me, but the packaging looks so professional it feel like a dream! You also get a mini lipgloss with each lipstick which in the actual bottom of the packaging. You just have to undo the coloured bit and voilla! An extra product in one!!
This lipstick looks more orange than brown in this picture, but I assure you that it comes out a lovely warm brown colour on the lips!
Sorry that the picture is quite blury, it was the best one out of the few I took! Here I swatched Fawn Fancy onto my hand. It looks quite shiny but believe me, it really isn't! It looks satin/matte on the lip.
I've not tried this lipstick on yet but I am very excited to match it up with a t-shirt or maybe some funky lilac socks? ;)
Here is a picture of Lilac Belle swatched on my hand. As you can see it's quite pigmented, but you do need to apply a few layers to get an intensive colour.
Thank you for reading guys! Hope to hear from you all again! :*
Lots of love,
Maya xo

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Recent Purchases

Hello everyone!
OMG it's April!!! Time has flown by so fast. Next thing we know we'll be all sitting down in exam halls trying our best to remember the answers to the questions! I don't know about you guys, but I've been so stressed recently due to coursework deadlines and exam revision.
I have recently been out shopping again. I needed new shoes and some everyday essentials, such as underwear. I went round a few shops but picked out the most things from Primark.
I got a pug cushion to add to my collection. My little bed is covered in cushions and teddies Kieran bought for me. This cushion was only £4 and is very soft!
The two pairs of knee high socks were just something I picked up because of the sale! They were 50 pence each from what I can remember and are very thick and fluffy so I will either wear them as welly socks or to bed on cold nights!
I always pick up at least one pair of frilly socks! This time I chose pastel pink to match the new bra!
The Peter Pan socks are also a match to my Peter Pan t-shirt! I feel so coordinated picking out matching outfits!
The daisy shade were needed. Especially at the price of £2!! Bargaaaain!!
And like I mentioned in my previous 'recent purchases' post, I always buy DVD's when I'm out shopping! This time I picked up a copy of Troy and the Gladiator. I love a bit of history, I do!!!
Dun dun duuuun! And here is a picture of the star of the post! Beautiful, pink Nike blazers!!! I've wanted to get some for a long time now but never had enough money. I saw these and instantly fell in love! There is nothing better than pink trainers that go with anything!!!
Lots of love,
Maya xo

Monday 24 March 2014

Recent Purchases

Hi everyone!
I had a day off college today so I decided to go on a little Spring shopping spree with Kieran :)
I wanted to buy some new Soap&Glory products as soon as I found out that we're having our bathroom re-done. I bought the 'calm one, calm all' bubble bath, the 'sugar crush' body wash and 'sugar crush' body scrub.
There is no such thing as a good shopping trip if I don't bring at least one DVD home!!!
I also picked up some facial cleansing wipes from Primark. Two packets for £1!! I also grabbed an Alberto Balsam hair conditioner for £1 to try out. It smells really fresh and fruity, almost like a smoothie.
Everyone who knows me, knows that I am the best bargain finder. I love Primark's t-shirt bras as they are very comfy and only £2.50! They come in many colours and patterns, this time I picked up a minty one as I am obsessed with this colour at the moment.
As the Holiday Season is arriving I thought I'd look at some bikinis, because I will have to start buying clothes for Zante soon!!! This tie dye effect bikini caught my attention straight away. At whopping £4 I could not resist the urge to buy this product. I thought it will look nice with my skin tone and hair colour, and what's not to love about a huge bargain like this one?
I always have to make a trip down to River Island for some jewellery. I usually buy earrings, and today I decided to go for these. I've wanted to buy them for a while now, but they were always out of stock!!
Lots of love,
Maya xo

Friday 21 February 2014

Toiletries Update

Hey guys!
I recently went toiletry shopping because I was lacking hair care products! Obviously being me, I didn't just buy hair care products but also all the items I think I would need.

I was after a leave in hair conditioner which would leave my hair feeling soft and reduce the roughness of my split ends. I decided to get the Argan Oil leave in hair treatment in spray. I also got the Argan Oil hair mask for a weekly use to leave my hair looking more healthy. Then I saw the Argan Oil night serum for tired and dry skin so I thought that I might as well buy that to complete the set (I already have the hair oil), and also my skin needs some TLC at night as I don't feel like my moisturiser stays on the whole night. On the shelf above the Argan Oil products they had dry shampoos. I can't live without a good old bottle of Batiste! I was going to choose Batiste Tropical, but Treseme has caught my eye because it's in a form of foam?! I was shocked that they would make a foam dry shampoo as it would just make my hair wet? So I bought it!
Of course, every girl also needs some facial prpducts like face masks. I usually have some laying around my room but I couldn't find any last time I wanted to use it so I decided to buy a few more just in case I feel like exfoliating my face. Those face masks are some of my favourites as they come in two packs for under £1 each!
Ony way to the till I saw a few more products which caught my attention. I got the white nail tips from Nailene as I love having a French Manicure and I usually do it by myself. It saves money on acrylics! The last thing that I chose was Nair's facial hair roll-on wax. It's pink... Pink wax... haha my obsession has no end!!
Anyway, that's it for today :) Hope you're all doing okay!
Lots of love,
Maya xo
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