Wednesday 7 January 2015

Review || DermaV10 Hair Dye in shade 3.8

Hello everyone!
So as you all already know I love changing my hair colour and because of my last unpleasant experience with L'oreal's new Prodigy hair dye I haven't touched my hair for months. Instead of turning golden blonde my hair came out green. Yes you read it right, GREEN. So I had to quickly put some random hair dye on and do a bleach bath on my hair to get rid of the green from my hair. Recently I have discovered DermaV10 hair products and because I've loved their skincare I decided to try those hair dyes, especially at £1.99 per packet.
As you can see I chose the shade 3.8 which is a light natural beige blonde. It did sting my scalp a bit, however the colour came out perfect. Better than I expected.
Here's a pictre after I have blow dried my hair and as you can see it's a light beigey colour.
Here I used flash and my hair actually looks like it has highlights. Excuse the greasiness!!
Here's a picture of me and my sister on Christmas Eve. My hair has been blow dried and straightened and looks better than ever.
#selfie is always needed.
I highly recommend this product and suggest that if you're a hair dye maniac like me then go ahead and buy it! They have many colours to choose from.
Lots of love,
Maya xo

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