Wednesday 26 August 2015

2015 || July Favourites

Hey guys!

I'm currently roasting in sunny Crete and realised that I haven't done a July favourites post yet! I know, that's so naughty of me, sorry! As I'm sipping some ice cold lemonade (soon to turn into a magical cocktail), I decided to write this post on my iPhone blogger app so of the pictures aren't very clear and the font and style isn't the usual one then don't worry! I will sort it out as soon as I get onto a computer. 
I bought this hair dye from Poundwolrd and can't stress enough to you how much I love it! It is very pigmented and has made my hair feel very nourished rather than straggly or chewing gum-like. I have previously dyed my hair a beach blonde colour in order to lighten it up before my holiday and after disappointing results of it turning out bright yellow I had to take action and go to back to my successful grey hair colour.
This is what my hair looked like before I applied Mellor&Russell Simply Bright hair dye in Cool Silver. As you can see it's not a nice colour at all, especially for a beauty blogger! 
And this is the after picture of what my hair looked like once I washed off the hair dye. Not exactly silver, but a much nicer colour with no brassiness. I definitely recommend this hair dye if you're already blonde and want to go a few shades lighter without having to go through the 'yellow' stage. 

Another favourite of mine is not a product, but a job. I have landed myself a job at the Disney Store in July as a Cast Member (another word for customer service representative). I'm loving working over there, I wouldn't change it for any other job! I have grown to enjoy talking to kids even more than before and being around such lovely people as my colleagues makes the atmosphere even more magical than the job itself! 
Here's a little selfie of me on my first day working for the Disney Company! 

What have you been loving last month?

Lots of love,
Maya xo 

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Review || DermaV10 Hair Dye in shade 3.8

Hello everyone!
So as you all already know I love changing my hair colour and because of my last unpleasant experience with L'oreal's new Prodigy hair dye I haven't touched my hair for months. Instead of turning golden blonde my hair came out green. Yes you read it right, GREEN. So I had to quickly put some random hair dye on and do a bleach bath on my hair to get rid of the green from my hair. Recently I have discovered DermaV10 hair products and because I've loved their skincare I decided to try those hair dyes, especially at £1.99 per packet.
As you can see I chose the shade 3.8 which is a light natural beige blonde. It did sting my scalp a bit, however the colour came out perfect. Better than I expected.
Here's a pictre after I have blow dried my hair and as you can see it's a light beigey colour.
Here I used flash and my hair actually looks like it has highlights. Excuse the greasiness!!
Here's a picture of me and my sister on Christmas Eve. My hair has been blow dried and straightened and looks better than ever.
#selfie is always needed.
I highly recommend this product and suggest that if you're a hair dye maniac like me then go ahead and buy it! They have many colours to choose from.
Lots of love,
Maya xo
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