Sunday 29 May 2016


Hi Everyone!

I have officially finished my first year at uni, woo! Now I'm just looking forward to my holiday (I'll reveal the destination in an upcoming post).

Has you ever tried using just one brand to create a whole look? Well, I've decided to give it a go with Primark's makeup collection. They have recently brought out a professional range, however I wanted to keep this look as cheap as possible for those who don't have loads of money or are starting out with makeup and need to find out more about Primark's collection.

The whole look came up to £29.80 including the makeup bag.

I had bought a foundation, powder, bronzer, eyebrow kit, mascara, eyeshadow palette, kohl liner, lipliner, lipstick, beauty blenders and brushes.

I'll start off with the foundation. When I first saw it I was surprisingly shocked. I think there are 5/6 shades and they're not silly shades that you'd get from Rimmel or Loreal, but in fact the shades go from really light to mid-dark which means that everyone can enjoy these foundations. 
At first, I didn't like the scent at all. It smells a bit plasticky and not nice, however once I swatches it on the back of my hand I fell in love with it instantly. The consistency is very thick and it glides on really smoothly. I would say it's medium to full coverage and is suitable for all skin types. I, personally have combination skin and found this foundation very long lasting and very suitable. 
I chose the shade 'Porcelain' - as I'm whiter than white - which was the perfect shade for me, especially when I don't fake tan. I give this foundation a strong 9/10 especially for the amazing price of £5!

I had applied my foundation using the teardrop shaped beauty blending sponge and the double ended foundation/concealer brush for better coverage. I've used the brush many times now and I really enjoy it, however the sponge was fantastic. It is soft and stiff at the same time making the application process so much easier and quicker. I'd say that everyone needs those sponges in their lives, particularly if you don't have too much time to spare to do your makeup. Both applicators were £1.50 each, so grab a bargain!

Next up, I used the mineral loose powder in shade 'light'. This was only £2 and you get a lot of product. At first I didn't like the colour as I do prefer translucent powders, however once I've applied it onto my skin to set the foundation I really liked it. It added slightly more coverage to my face, making it look more flawless. 
I did find the packaging slightly annoying as it took me a while to get the product out, however this can be easily overlooked once you try this amazing powder. If you like baking under your eyes then I would highly recommend this powder! Especially with the application of a wet beauty blender/sponge. However, I did apply it with the flat powder brush which I think retails at £1.50

Then of course I had to bronze up! I couldn't find a matte bronzer and the one they did have was really shiny/glittery and looked more like a highlighter :( so I actually bought a pressed powder in the shade 'dark' as I thought it'd give me a nice sun kissed look. But, I didn't like it very much. The colour pay off was rubbish and it was slightly orange. I don't know, maybe it'd be a good powder, but it was crap as a bronzer. However, I did love the brush I used for applying bronzer. It's a double contour brush - double? Huh? I don't even know! It looks like a split fibre one for better coverage. I had used it with different products and absolutely love it - everyone needs one in their makeup bag.

When I was done with my face, I tried to do my eyebrows. You can see I said 'tried' because it was a long and messy process haha! I hate this crayon, it's so bad!! It say on top of my eyebrow hairs rather than give me a fuller brow look. I think I'd stick to my Brow Archery next time D:
I definitely would advise everyone to stay away from this! However I did really like the brow gel, and thought the set was really cute as it comes with tweezers and a spoolie, as well as the crayon and clear gel.

The eyeshadow palette made me tear up. It's so gorgeous and looks a lot like the MAC x9 palettes. Oh how i disappointed myself :(( the shades look similar to each other and are very chalky. The fallout is dangerous - there's so much of it!! They were however easy to blend, but only because the pigment was DISGRACEFUL!! I would say that these are good for those who like subtle eyeshadow or are starting to play with makeup and want some Eyeshadows which are easy to blend. 
I used the double ended eyeshadow brush to apply these which was okay. I think a fluffy brush would have been better, but it turned out okay.

Next up, I applied the kohl liner. I put on my upper lash line as I wanted to create a smokey effect. It's actually really good, you know! As it was only £1 I didn't expect much, but I was pleasantly surprised and absolutely love it. I'd say it's a very good dupe for the Benefit BadGal liner.

Another favourite - the mascara. At only £1 it is AMAZING. I love it so much that I might buy a few more just in case they are discontinued! It's perfect for when you're rushing and want a bit of volume and a lot of coverage! I wish they did it in more colours as its really hard to find a good mascara that's not too pricey and comes in lots of colours. Remember old Primark makeup?? With the liquid glitter liners and mascaras?? Those were the days hahaha!!

My all time holy grail lashes - the Primark Sultry style. At only £1 I own about 5 pairs and have been through many more before that. I didn't apply them for this look as I was staying at home all day revising, however I think they would really compliment this look and make it a bit more sexy.
If you like any of their other lashes then please let me know which ones! I do want to try more and ad they're so cheap I shouldn't hesitate, but you know the feeling when you spend money on something that you won't use again - worst feeling ever!

Moving onto lips now. I bought two different shades of lip products at different times so didn't want to add more to the collection as I wasn't amazed by them. The lipliner is okay, it feels really waxy and dry on the lips however it is highly pigmented and compliments my skin tone. On the other hand, the lipstick is really good for the price (£1.50). It does feel slightly waxy, but it smells great and is highly pigmented. You only need about one coat to get a nice look.

I wasn't going to include nails in, as I have so many false nails from Primark already, but I saw this cute little nail varnish and it was only 30p. Yup, 30 PENCE!!! For something so cheap I didn't expect much. Guess what?? It is sooo good! I only applied 2 coats and it lasted so long before chipping (around 3-4 days). The normal price of these is 60p which is still bloody amazing, they come in many colours so I will definitely buy the whole collection. These are particularly good for those who don't paint their nails very often, as I always feel bad when I get rid of old nail polish that could have gotten so much more use out of. A little bottle like this will definitely last you a long time, as like I've said earlier - you only need two coats to get the most out of the colour.

Overall, I was very pleased with the majority of the products. I will definitely consider expanding my collection next time I pay Primark a visit.

This whole look has cost me less than £30 including the tools which I think is incredible, as a whole face full of MAC would cost around £300! So I did grab myself a massive bargain!

What do you think of this look? Would you like to see more FOTD posts that feature one brand?

Lots of love,
Maya xo


  1. Wonderful little things... :) Beautiful post!

    Theano from FASHIONIZEIN

  2. Wow, I'm impressed by the whole range! I'm a huge fan of some of the cheaper brands (MUA, Make Up Revolution and Essence) so I would be up for trying it. So much for no-spend June for me!

    Sian xx

    1. Haha it's so hard not to buy makeup especially when it's at such an affordable price! I love all the three brands you mentioned, expensively Make Up Revolution! X

  3. I definitely need to have a look at the beauty section the next time I'm in Primark for sure. I adore the Sultry lashes, one of my faves x

    Darling Jordan

    1. Definitely have a look at their new pro stuff! X

  4. love the one brand idea! please do more. I use primark lip liners and am happy with them. I think they've done themselves well if youre looking for cheap buys.
    x x

    1. That's exactly what I was thinking! Especially with their new contour palette and sticks! X


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