Tuesday 31 May 2016

What To Do This Summer - Stay Active And Go Out More. Holiday Destination Revealed!

Hey Everyone!

It's nearly Summertimeeeeee!

I have recently been introduced to Eventbrite, which is an amazing website that shows all upcoming events this summer holiday where you can buy/sell tickets and plan out your own events! I decided to share with you some great ideas so you don't miss out on any fun this year! I will also state how much money you will roughly need to be a part of those activities so you can decide which ones best for you without breaking your bank balance!

If you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen me go on about how excited I am to go on holiday, which in fact is in less than 3 weeks time! I am beyond excited for it. Kieran and I had decided to go to Rhodes, Greece this year. It will be our third time in Greece, but the first time there together! I cannot wait to spend two wonderful weeks under the sun with the person I love. Watch out for many pictures and possible vlogs!

1) Festivals

I have never really been a massive fan of festivals, I'm not sure why. It could be due to feeling claustrophobic at concerts, but obviously festivals seem much more fun and more open. Some great festivals taking place this year include Glastonbury, Reading/Leeds, Download and Bestival (England), and Electric Daisy Carnival, Essence Festival, and Voodoo Experience (USA).
Let's all be honest now, festivals are expensive and not all of us can afford to attend. Therefore I'd say you'd need around £200/$300+ for tickets and spending money.

2) Museums

For those who appreciate fine art, I would highly recommend visiting museums. Maybe do a contest with your friends and see who will find the most precious painting/sculpture in each museum? I personally love the Picasso Museum based in Barcelona.
Depending on the city you're visiting, the prices will vary. E.g. The entry fee to get into the Picasso Museum were around €6, but Kieran and I got in for free as it was a Sunday afternoon (plan your trip for a Sunday to save money). Some of the greatest museums in England include the Natural History Museum, the Beatles Story and the British Museum.

3) Restaurants

If, like me, you're a big foodie then I would suggest visiting as many restaurants as you can, especially ones you haven't been to before. A fun thing to do would be pretending that you and your friends are food critics and then get back to each other with opinions of the food you had eaten. Some of my favourite restaurants include Tamatanga, Fat Cat, Las Iguanas, and Turtle Bay.
You will probably need around £20/$30 each time to fully enjoy yourself while dining out.

4) Europe

Europe is probably my favourite continent to visit, but I only say this because I haven't been out of it yet! The countries I had been to include Spain, Greece, Poland, Germany, England, Turkey and Tunisia. I know that holidays abroad can be very expensive, however if you look in the right places you should find a good deal! For example, last year I went to Costa Brava in Spain and Crete and both holidays were found at reasonable prices via onthebeach.com which is a website I always turn to for best deals. At the moment, you can find amazing deals for Turkey, however I don't know if it's safe enough for travels yet!

5) Camping

Camping is the cheaper option of a holiday 'abroad' as it feels like you're in a completely different country. If you're a fan of everything that's green then this is perfect for you. Personally I hate camping! The lack of proper showers and toilet just depresses me, however I do love the nature side of it.
You will probably need around £80/$100 with you for food/equipment, so it's not too expensive.

6) Picnic

The cheapest possible option is having a picnic with your loved ones. All you will need to do is prepare food, such as sandwiches, soft drinks/alcohol and snacks and you're all set and ready to go! You can have a pic in literally anywhere! From your back garden to a park/forest near. And I promise you that you'll always have a great time.

7) Cinema

I know how expensive cinema trips can be nowadays, however you can't beat watching the latest movie with a bag of popcorn that's bigger than your head and a coke the size of your arm! I try to go on cinema trips as often as I can, however it's hard to find the perfect movie and partner to go with!
You will probably need around £10/$15 for a ticket but another £6/$10 for snacks!

8) Sleepover

And if the weather is miserable and you don't want to go outside, what better thing to do than host a sleepover?! Order pizza, have lots of snacks nearby, and watch films in a fort you built with your friends laughing! Honestly, this is probably my favourite option out of all of the above and I try to do it as often as I can, before I'm too old!

For any other ideas click here. Eventbrite has created a list of all the amazing things you could do this Summer so you don't miss out on anything! Let's all GOMO* this year! However, if you're a blogger or would like to organise an event yourself, then don't be shy and get started here!

*(Go Out More Often)

-Disclaimer- this post does not include any affiliate links and I am not being sponsored for it. These destinations and events are my own ideas and opinions.

Are you going anywhere abroad this year? Or maybe doing something fun locally? Let me know in the comments section down below!

Lots of love,
Maya xo

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