Sunday, 26 June 2016

Review || Nivea Men Post Shave Balm

Morning My Lovelies!

Who hasn't heard of the wonders that Nivea's Men Post Shave Balm does to your skin? I've certainly heard all sorts of positive comments so I decided to try it out myself. I must say that I was really excited to try it, not only for the way it works but also the smell because it reminds me of Kieran haha!

The packaging is quite nice, to be honest, it looks like an aftershave bottle and it's glass, and all this time I thought it'll be in a plastic bottle! So, as you can imagine it's quite heavy so not the best item for travelling, sorry but I had to leave it behind in England this time.

The smell is amazing if you like musky men-like scents. If that makes sense? If I pour out too much then I always end up rubbing it all over my arms and end up smelling them throughout the day.

The consistency, on the other hand, is not what I expected at all. It is very runny and feels quite slimy but once you've put it on it feels like you've splashed yourself with water. I find it very refreshing for my skin and usually use it as a moisturiser rather than a primer.

As a primer, I think this product is good if you don't wear luminous makeup and want a satin/matte finish to your foundation as I've noticed it makes makeup stay on longer if you use such foundations. Personally, I love this product, I think it's definitely worth trying as it's really inexpensive and it feels great on the skin! And if you don't get along with it then you can always pass it on to another member of the family!

Have you tried this product at all? What did you think of it?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

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