Saturday 25 July 2020


I have been wanting to try all three of these products for many years now, and have finally treated myself to all of them. At a high price tag I've put off trying these products for so long, and now with my spending ban I wasn't really allowed to treat myself either; but when I was given some credit to use on my employee online staff shop I just had to treat myself to these (unnecessary) items.

MAC has been one of my favourite high-end brands when it comes to makeup, especially for their base products as they really agree with my skin. Having purchased my first ever item from this company at the age of 16 with my first paycheck I always saw it as a brand close to my heart. Although I have tried a lot of products which I did not enjoy as much from MAC, I think I have now found my new holy grail items.

First things first, at £27 per product this 'haul' comes to whopping £81 which I can appreciate that not everyone can afford to spend this much on 3 items (including myself most of the time). However, if you consider how long a bronzer or highlighter lasts you it might be worth it, right? On average, both of these products should last 2+/- years depending on usage - I use these every time I wear makeup and so far I have only noticed a difference in the highlighter as the dome has got a slight dent in it. The bronzer, on the other hand, still looks brand new! I believe that this is due to the pigment on my skin as a little goes a long way to give my complexion a nice warm glow.

The powder is another story, I've had it since mid-May and have used it every time I've worn makeup. Now the dome has nearly completely disappeared and the powder looks flat, so I'm estimating that I've used half of it which for 2 months of consistent use isn't bad at all. I once had a Benefit powder (I think it was the Hello Flawless?) when it first came out and it only lasted me one month... I mean, for over £20 you expect to get at least 3 months worth of usage, right?!

As you can see this powder is very light, it even suits my usual NW10 skin tone. I love the glow this powder gives my skin. Although it sets with a satin-natural finish I find that it gives my skin a lot more definition then a basic setting powder does. It spreads evenly across my face and I don't find myself reaching for it much throughout the day so it clearly agrees with my oily T-zone (this is also due to a primer). This powder makes my skin look flawless in the most natural way and even gives me a bit of coverage on top of my foundation. My only disappointment is that it doesn't work as well in setting my under-eye area so I find myself reaching for a different powder to set my concealer.
There is a bit of fall-out from this powder, so I try to swish my brush around gently and use the fall-out for extra coverage.

Don't be fooled by the shade of this powder, it is actually a lot warmer and deeper than it looks. I believe that this can be used as an all-over face powder for medium to deeper skin tones, or if you're on the fairer side, like myself, you can use this as a bronzer. Like I've mentioned above, I have not made any sort of dent in this bronzer yet as it is VERY pigmented and a little goes a long way. I currently use the Real Techniques Multi-Task Brush as I find that it applies the product well, but I am going to treat myself to the Benefit Hoola Brush as it is meant to be amazing for applying bronzing products.
I tend to apply this bronzer on the tops of my cheeks (just under the cheekbone), around my forehead towards the temples and hairline, and under my jawline. I find that this gives my skin a sun-kissed effect and isn't too orange. Bear in mind that if you have a deeper skin tone then this might not be the best bronzer to use, however it might make a great setting powder for your foundation!

Now, this is a bloody gorgeous highlighter and I can't believe that it took me so long to finally try it. It glows in the light like nothing else I've tried in the past, especially when it comes to it working well on my fair skin. This highlighter looks gorgeous on all skin-tones, but it does look very natural with a deep glow on fair skin which is hard to find. It isn't too pinky toned, but more of a neutral tone. As you can see in the picture above, it does have a lot of fall-out from the product - these pictures were taken before I started using the products. I have been using this highlighter since mid-May and it has only a very slight dent in the dome of the product. I like to layer it on if I'm doing a full face of makeup as I find that it really brings the whole look together. 

If you are considering buying any of these items or if you're looking to just purchase one, may I suggest you try the face powder first as it is truly beautiful and gives a lovely finish to all foundations.

*These items were purchased using employee credit on an Estee Lauder staff sales website. Although I did not pay for these, I also did not receive them as a free gift or have any obligation to review these products. All opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Lots of love,
Maya xo

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