Friday 24 July 2020


Summer is finally here, well the season is definitely here if not the weather. With Summer comes the idea of getting into healthier habits, whether that means exercising more or eating better I will share with you my top tips for feeling your best this Summer.

There is no hiding the fact that we all like to look our best, we just all have different versions of that. However, health doesn't always have to do anything with the appearance and has much more to do with how you feel on the inside. We often neglect the time to take care of ourselves the way we used to when we had fewer commitments and more time to ourselves. Sadly, the days where we would soak in a hot bath for hours, relax with a face mask and take our time to get ready are gone. Nowadays we might be lucky enough to have an extra 5 minutes to ourselves other than being in the bathroom! Although I do not have any children yet, I can only imagine what it must be like for parents or carers having to sacrifice every minute of their day to other people! But all those things don't mean that we can't all be a little more health-conscious and use the Summer as the ideal time to focus on our physical and mental well-being. With that in mind, here are some of the small changes that can make a huge difference in how you look and feel this Summer.

Drink more water.

I cannot stress this one enough as it is SO important to stay hydrated all year round, especially around Summertime when we sweat more due to the weather. Not only does water detoxes your body, but also helps improve your skin, your mood and even how well you sleep. Drinking more water is an excellent way to help you start to look brighter and feel more energised. If you struggle to drink more water throughout the day, why not try and keep a water bottle close by to prompt you?

Have a waxing session.

This might not be for everyone, but if like myself you enjoy having hairless skin in the Summer then why not give yourself a bit of a pamper day? Summer means that you might want to take some time to have yourself looking your best (whatever that may be) and that can mean a bit of Summer pampering! There are things to consider such as shaving your legs, booking in for a wax treatment and even tackling facial hair so that you can feel the most confident in your own skin. I actually suffer from really bad peach fuzz on my face so tend to remove my facial hair once to twice a month. There are lots of options to consider for female facial hair that you can explore, depending on how much this affects you. As we tend to show off a lot more skin at this time of the year which often leads to wearing less makeup than normal, then taking time to pamper yourself can help you feel more confident.

Get rid of bloating naturally.

Although bloating is a natural occurance, it might also mean that you could have an intolerane to a certain food. It can often make us feel bad about our bodies, which shouldn't affect us as much as it does. Bloating can be brought on in many different ways, and sometimes it can cause pain. Reducing any trapped wind and easing signs of bloat around your stomach area could help make you feel better, and one of my favourite things to do when I'm bloated is drinking peppermint tea. Other things to consider would be the food and drink that you consume, especially fizzy drinks as they can cause bloating (and acne). If you notice that you bloat more after consuming certain foods then you might actually have an intolerance to them so it could be worth investigating.

Change up your style.

Now that Summer is here, your wardrobe will begin to change as you pick out more floaty and lightweight clothes that are more in line with the hot weather we are bound to enjoy. However, it also presents the perfect time for you to change up your style a bit and try something new. I think that I buy new Summer clothes every year, but my favourite pieces tend to be worn every single year since their purchase. This might include things such as wearing skirts instead of shorts, or maxi dresses instead of minis. Step out of your comfort zone and embrace something new and different! It's also the perfect time to experiment with bright colours which will make you stand out every single time you wear them. Look at your skin tone and match brighter colours to it to find some new options to style up the clothes that you wear. You could also create a capsule wardrobe, like me, for the Summer so that you can mix and match key pieces to help you work on style and coordinating outfits.

You do NOT need to diet!

Please don't think that just because it's Summer that you need to diet, Summer isn't at all about losing weight but more to do with enjoying the weather, cocktails and fresh fruit! So take the time to indulge in all of the seasonal fruit and veg to feel as healthy as possible. Try to eat a variety of food groups and imagine eating a rainbow of colours when it comes to the foods you consume, all of which have different vitamins and nutrients to help your body thrive. A healthy and balanced diet is always going to be the right approach to help you look and feel your best.

Think positively.

Sometimes, how we feel has a lot to do with the mind itself, and positive thinking can have a big impact on how you see yourself and how you live your life. Unfortunately, it is very easy to fall into the habit of negative thinking, thus; feels like you're forcing yourself to be positive when it's as simple as developing a new habit to stick to. Try and actively think positively and turn negative phrases and thoughts into something positive no matter how hard it seems. For example, instead of thinking 'I couldn't do that' think 'I will try it and see the results'. Gratitude is also a great way to insight more positive thinking into your life. I often put myself in a bad mood because I don't have a graduate job within my field or that I don't own a house yet, but then I sit down and think about all the other things I have achieved and am grateful for such as my family, my health and my blog.

Cut out sugar from your diet.

Sugar is one of those things that you think you don't consume a lot of, but you will find it in a lot of foods and drinks that you tend to reach for daily. If you've been a follower of mine for a while then you'll know that I am absolutely obsessed with Diet Coke and anything to do with chocolate. I find it really hard to cut these out my diet but I am trying to make more conscious choices when it comes to snacking. Sugar increases our energy levels substantially, but it can also give us really bad drawbacks. Cutting it out completely can miraculously transform your life, especially the way you look and feel. I probably wouldn't recommend going cold turkey with this one, but try to snack on chocolate rice cakes instead of a chocolate bar or pick up a banana as a morning snack instead of a muffin.

I hope that this has given you some indication of the things you can do to look and feel your best this Summer! Don't hesitate to drop a comment down below with any other ideas you might have :)

*This post is a collaboration, however, all opinions are honest and my own. 

Lots of love,
Maya xo

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