Monday 14 December 2020


You might already know that I love a good old themed post tag. I recently participated in a Halloween Tag and was nominated to participate in a Christmas one by the lovely Kay from The Craft Room and Beyond

1) Snowy Christmas or a Warm Christmas?

Definitely a snowy Christmas as I associate Winter with snow! I have never spent Christmas in a hot country before so can't really compare it, but I can't imagine spending this time of the year abroad (unless it's somewhere cold where I can go skiing, haha).

2) Favourite flavoured hot chocolate?

I love flavoured hot chocolates so this one is hard to answer! But if I had to choose one it will be a spiced orange hot chocolate - if you haven't tried it already then you have to!

3) What is one Christmas tradition you love?

Coming from a Polish household, it is my family's tradition to have a massive feast on Christmas Eve called 'Wigilia' where we get to open presents after dinner!

4) Do you do Elf on Shelf, and if so, what's your favourite prank?

Never done this, I don't think any of my family members have done this for their children either. I might do this in the future for my own children, but not 100% sure!

5) What are you most excited for this December?

The food of course!

6) What is your favourite Christmas movie?

It'll have to be Elf and Home Alone (please don't make me choose just one)

7) Cookies or Mince Pies?

Definitely cookies, I'm not the biggest fan of mince pies.

8) What is your warmest Winter-time memory?

I don't have one as it's always cold in Poland and England during winter!

9) What is something you must have in the Winter-time?

I would have to say Baileys?! Because that's the sort of festive drink I tend to have only in the colder months of the year (hence the main picture in this post).

10) What is something you'd love to do in the snow?

Skiing and sledging! I haven't done either of those things since the first week on January 2008 :(

11) What is your favourite Christmas song?

Last Christmas - WHAM!

12) What is your favourite part of Christmas dinner?

I love it all, but it'll have to be the pigs in blankets!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this Blogmas Tag and I urge you to try and asnwer some of these questions (not gonna lie, I found some of them very hard - especially when it came to choosing just one thing!). 

I want to tag you all in this post to get everyone in the Christmas spirit!

I wish you all a very happy Christmas!

Lots of love,
Maya xo

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