Monday 1 March 2021


When I first saw that Garnier brought out a watermelon scented range of their Ultimate Blends collection I knew I had to have it because if you know anything about me you will know that I love anything watermelon scented. I'm a huge fan of the Banana hair mask from Garnier and I haven't tried any of the other products, including the shampoos or conditioners. On my recent walk, I decided to go into my local Boots store and pick up the shampoo, conditioner and mask from the watermelon collection and I just couldn't wait to smell them!

I had to open the shampoo bottle to smell it as soon as I left the shop and was so pleasantly overwhelmed with the scent of watermelon (one of my favourite scents). So as you can tell, I already had high hopes for the products - they all smell the same just in case you were wondering.

The first time I used the shampoo and conditioner I wasn't that impressed. The smell is absolutely gorgeous but it doesn't stay in the hair after drying which was disappointing. I didn't use the mask until my second hair wash of the week as I had a bit of a disaster last time I styled my hair which resulted in me putting so much oil in it that I couldn't wash it out properly, so using the hair mask would have made it much worse.

The second time was a much better experience as I had used the Aveda Pramasana Scalp Cleanser (a must-have product if you suffer from scalp itchiness/flakiness/psoriasis) followed by shampooing twice, conditioning through the lengths and applying a bit of the hair mask after and leaving it on for 5 minutes. 

After towel drying my hair, I went on with my normal blow-dry routine to see what my hair would look like once styled as always. Once I was all done with the styling I tried to smell my hair to see if it still had a little bit of a watermelon scent but sadly my hair just smelled like heat from blow-drying. My hair did not feel nor look as lifted as I had expected, but it felt nice and smooth. I do find it hard to get my hair to look voluminous and lifted from the root as it does feel quite heavy and I'm in a desperate need of a haircut, but I have been using this watermelon range for over a month now and I am not that impressed with the results.

Now, does this collection do what it's supposed to do? Does it plump my hair without weighing it down? The simple answer is sadly no. These products smell great and look pretty on my shelf, but they don't exactly do what they're supposed to. I'm disappointed with the results as I was really hoping to find a cheaper alternative to the Aveda Sap Moss range (which by the way is really good) but this isn't the one. The best thing about this range is the scent as it is really fresh and fruity, but does not last long after washing.

Would I recommend this particular range to you? Not really, as I don't think it does what it claims to achieve. My hair doesn't feel or look more plumped and it also does not feel weightless. I think the shampoo and conditioner are very basic, but I like them for the fact that they are vegan and made out of over 95% natural ingredients - making them a better option than products with loads of plastic in the ingredients list.

Although this range did not work for me, I really love the banana hair mask which I will repurchase again as soon as I've made my way through the watermelon one! I will most likely pick up the banana shampoo and conditioner to test out too, so keep your eyes out for a review of that range too.

Have you tried any of Garnier's new Ultimate Blends range? What was your favourite scent? I think mine has to be the banana one!

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Lots of love,
Maya xo


  1. I've not tried this range before, but I used to really enjoy using the banana scent from this range. Sorry to hear you didn't love this as much as you wanted to xx

    Hannah |

    1. I think next time I will stick with the Banana range as it is my favourite! xx

  2. Aww I've tried the papaya mask that they've got, it's incredible and I highly recommend!

    Ana C,

    1. Oooh, papaya sounds lovely - I might have to give that one a go next time! x


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