Monday 28 August 2017


August wasn't the best of months for beauty products for me, but I did manage to find some products that I loved - including an app which I never really mention on here. The one makeup product that I loved was the L'oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation in shade Porcelain (yup, I'm that pale). I must say that this is one of the best full coverage drugstore foundations I have ever used and reminds me of this high-end product. As August was a bit of a hit-or-miss month when it came to the weather, I was loving Carmex's Lime Twist lip balm to hydrate my dry lips. I love the scent and flavour of this little gem, as well as the tingly feeling it leaves on my mouth - does that sound weird? Because it works amazingly!

My current skincare consists of smothering myself up in Vaseline's Intensive Care Advanced Repair moisturiser, followed by the St. Tropez Instant Tan for a natural and glowy look. I have to admit and say that I'm quite lazy when it comes to caring for my skin, especially when I have to moisturise as to me it feels like a chore. However, since I started using this moisturiser I have noticed positive results in my dry skin and it feels a lot more nourished than usual. The St. Tropez Instant Tan is great as a last minute tan boost before an event etc. as it develops very quickly and doesn't stain your clothes!

The app that I've been using daily (besides Instagram and Twitter, obvs) is My Fitness Pal which has helped me keep track of how many calories I eat in a day and what foods to avoid, and what to eat more of. It also sends me reminders to drink more water which I've been trying to be very good with - my goal is to drink 3 litres a day.
I've been trying to lose some weight and tone up for the past few weeks and I won't lie and say I've been good because I haven't. I will try and keep up with my fitness routine and get back to y'all in a couple of months.

My favourite hair products during August were the Lee Stafford Coco Loco Coconut Heat Protection Mist, and Superdrug's Bloomin' Barnet Dry Shampoo. I was in need of a new heat protection spray so grabbed the Coco Loco one to try out as I'm a sucker for anything coconut scented and I must say that I love it very much and use it all the time before using hot irons. On the other hand, the dry shampoo is my life saver on sweaty and oily days when my hair needs a little bit of refreshment, as well as for when it needs some extra 'oomph'.

What did you enjoy using this month? Have you tried any of the products I've mentioned in this post?

Lots of love
Maya xo

Saturday 16 August 2014

Review || Black Acres Soap Pantry Bath Bomb

Good Afternoon!
The weather is settling down, meaning that Autumn is just behind the corner, lurking with its nasty rain and thunder. I don't know about you guys, but I actually adore heat and just roasting in the sun, catching a nice tan but I also enjoy the cold days in and out, having a cuppa and catching up with college work or friends.
Cold weather also means another thing - long hot baths. I love using bath bombs and do not enjoy my baths as much without them. I recently bought this bath bomb set for £3.50 from a local home décor shop which smells of honey and flowers.
As you can see, the bath bombs are white with yellow flower petals in them, which actually annoyed me a bit because I don't like it when things float in my bath! I could barely see anything as there was so many!
Cute little label x
I was trying to take a nice close up picture of the ballistics but my camera kept going out of focus! :@
Here it is before I chucked it in the bath. It was very powdery in touch, as in it kept crumbling off. The smell of honey was so strong that it made me sneeze! Those bath bombs are much more intense in scent than the Lush ones I've previously reviewed here.
The petals were very long and hard to take out after my bath as there was so many!!
Bath with petals featuring my big toe and tattoo haha!
I hope you guys enjoyed this little review, there will be more to come soon!
Lots of love,
Maya xo
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