Thursday 10 September 2015

Review || Lush Cosmetics Butterball Bath Bomb

Evening my lovelies!

I recently purchased a new Lush bath bomb so thought I'd share what i thought of it with you. I picked up my all time favourite 'Think Pink' and a new addition 'Butterball'. So, from the name itself you can already tell that Butterball is a body butter in a form of a bath bomb, so the best time to use it is after having a shower and then hop in a warm bath with the bomb melted as it will soften your skin and make it smell amazing!

I didn't ask what this product was best for but I'm guessing it's mostly suitable for people with dry skin who need that extra moisture out of their body products!

The texture of the product was very crumbly and oily, which you would expect from a bath bomb and a body butter mixed together. The smell was amazing! I believe that it is honey scented and I love sweet  smells, especially when it comes to baths. 

You can see the butter chunks which are the yellowy shade. They melted in the hot water after a few minutes which made my bath smell amazing and body feel extra smooth. Once my body absorbed all the butter from the bomb it felt and smelt amazing for the rest of the day, I definitely recommend this product to people who like me, suffer from dry sin and are after that extra bit of glow for their dull skin, it's perfect to use before a date or a night out as it has bits of shimmer in it.

Have you tried this product? What did you think of it?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Saturday 16 August 2014

Review || Black Acres Soap Pantry Bath Bomb

Good Afternoon!
The weather is settling down, meaning that Autumn is just behind the corner, lurking with its nasty rain and thunder. I don't know about you guys, but I actually adore heat and just roasting in the sun, catching a nice tan but I also enjoy the cold days in and out, having a cuppa and catching up with college work or friends.
Cold weather also means another thing - long hot baths. I love using bath bombs and do not enjoy my baths as much without them. I recently bought this bath bomb set for £3.50 from a local home décor shop which smells of honey and flowers.
As you can see, the bath bombs are white with yellow flower petals in them, which actually annoyed me a bit because I don't like it when things float in my bath! I could barely see anything as there was so many!
Cute little label x
I was trying to take a nice close up picture of the ballistics but my camera kept going out of focus! :@
Here it is before I chucked it in the bath. It was very powdery in touch, as in it kept crumbling off. The smell of honey was so strong that it made me sneeze! Those bath bombs are much more intense in scent than the Lush ones I've previously reviewed here.
The petals were very long and hard to take out after my bath as there was so many!!
Bath with petals featuring my big toe and tattoo haha!
I hope you guys enjoyed this little review, there will be more to come soon!
Lots of love,
Maya xo
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