Friday 28 April 2017


It feels like forever since I last spoke about fashion - I'm very sorry about that as I know how much you love these kinds of posts. I promise I'll do more of those from now on! It's just hard to find the time for photo shoots and the right kind of person to take them! Once I'm done with my 2nd year at uni I will focus 100% on blogging so I hope you're all as excited as I am!

*Jumper, Mom Jeans, and Choker are from Primark

The idea behind this post is to share with you my fashion fears, and believe it or not there are quite a few... For example, I find it very difficult to have my arms and shoulders out because of my post-acne scars, but since being challenged by Dia&Co to step out my comfort zone and try something different this Friday, I wanted to show everyone that we all have our own insecurities even though we might seem confident.

Many people (including myself), feel like they can't wear a certain outfit because of their insecurities. I personally don't feel like I can pull a maxi dress off because of my height - I'm only 5ft3". But why does it actually bother me? I've been put down by people I used to call my 'friends' and I guess it stuck around with me that I'm 'small and tubby', but being a size 8-10 I know it isn't true.

*Leotard - H&M, Bra - Pink at Victoria's Secret

The company Dia&Co specialise in 14+ size clothing where they send you a Dia Box that's styled up by one of the team members and if you don't like something you can exchange it for something else - the great thing about this company is that you don't have to pay until you decide which items you'd like to keep! Erm, sign me up now, please!! I'd love for something like this to be available for petite girls like me!

*Loafers - H&M

How many times have you felt like you can't wear something because of your own insecurities or having other people's thoughts on your mind? Well, hear me out now, stuff them! Who cares what they think? If they think negatively then it shows that they're insecure about themselves, but I can guarantee you will receive a lot of compliments if you wear that floral skirt or those pointy kitten heels - trust me! Us women should empower one another instead of bringing each other down, so I say rock that outfit girl and make sure you pay others compliments too because it will make you feel good knowing that your little gesture could have made someone's day!

I now challenge all of you, my lovely readers, to rock the outfit you've been wanting to for ages but never got 'the chance' to wear ;)

*This post isn't sponsored and all opinions are my own. I was asked to share my fashion fears by the brand and decided to mention them independently. 

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Wednesday 21 September 2016


Notice how I've said "LOTD" instead of "OODT"? Well, the "L" stands for Lingerie - because why wouldn't we want to shout out the most beautiful pieces we've come across?
This gorgeous lingerie set was bought from H&M in the sale, and I think I only paid £10 for it! It is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the lace detail on the back, it makes me feel super sexy when I wear it and that's what we should all feel like when wearing pretty underwear! 

I know that comfort is a big thing for most (including me) but you can honestly buy pretty bras and knickers that are just as comfortable as the 'old granny pants'.

I would definitely pair this set with a sheer baggy jumper/sweater and leggings during the day, and just wear it as it is or with a baggy shirt in the evening for the ultimate comfort! - can't go wrong having a cup of hot chocolate and read a good book either! I'm currently reading The Hobbit, as I've been meaning to for a while now as well as being a huge fan of Bilbo Baggins! I also love candles, especially during this season as I feel like it's socially acceptable to light them every day/night and wear cute fluffy or frilly socks all the time! My go-to Autumn fragrance has to be Alien by Thierry Mugler, I'm so sad that I'm running out of it now :(

This post is in collaboration with Adore Me (you can find my previous post with them here). Adore Me is an online shop that sells the most gorgeous lingerie, including pyjamas and they've been shooting a really exciting commercial for their new launch of sportswear which is due to come out this October! Oooh how exciting!  - you can check their Insta account for more info!

What makes you feel sexy during Autumn time? How would you pair up this gorgeous lingerie set? What's your 'perfect night in'? 

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Sunday 4 September 2016


Who doesn't love a comfy casual, yet glam outfit? Especially, in those cold Summer nights and upcoming Autumn. Oh, how I love Autumn! I cannot wait for the long walks at the park in the beautiful orange and brown colours, big cups of hot chocolate, Yankee candles and Halloween of course!

H&M has been one of my favourite shops for quite some time now and I've been loving their new Autumn range. the burgundies, greys and powder pinks are coming back - but then again, have they ever left?

I've put this one outfit together as I thought it was absolutely gorgeous and so on trend right now that it'd be a crime not to share it with you all!

Bomber Jacket £24.99, High Waisted Jeans £7.99, Trainers £19.99, T-shirt £9.99, Sunglasses £6.99

What do you think of this outfit? What's your favourite piece? Would you like to see me wear something similar?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Monday 8 August 2016


Hey Everyone!

Many of you already know that I've been to Rhodes earlier this year for 2 amazing weeks and I really want to go back! In order to keep myself happy about the memories I made, I keep going over my photo albums and reminiscing. 

I recently came across the company Adore Me who sell gorgeous swimwear pieces, and I've especially been loving their swimsuit range

I can't go anywhere without me statement shades - the lovely Oscar De La Renta sunnies I bought back in April for only £16.99 from TKMaxx.

Any sunglasses will work with this outfit, but remember - the bigger the better!

I absolutely adore this swimsuit! It's one of my favourites that I own (and believe me when I say that I've got a lot!). I bought it in the River Island sale last year for £20 reduced from £40, bargain! You can find it here.

The swimsuit has an another gorgeous detail to it - the cutest tassels ever! They have little beads at the bottom and look very flattering on the leg making me look a lot slimmer! Woohoo!

Like I said earlier - it's all about the detail. I love this beach cover up from Primark, I believe it was only £8 so an amazing price for a wonderful product! It has an ombré effect and goes from turquoise blue to deep ocean navy. I love it!

I got these shoes in the Primark sale for I think around £5! A fiver!! They are very comfy and I could literally walk in these all day and night and my feet still won't hurt. I believe they're flatforms with a slight wedge so they are very easy to walk in.

I thought they would look great with this outfit, especially the velcro bit - makes it lots easier to take them off and run to the sea! 

*This post is not sponsored. 

Have you been away anywhere this year or are planning on going somewhere soon? What's your favourite go-to beach outfit?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Wednesday 29 June 2016

OOTD || Day At The Beach - Holiday Edition

Hey Everyone!

What have you all been up to? Finishing school? Doing your exams? Working? Well, you all must know by now that I'm in sunny Greece for a few more days so I've been making the most of it while still trying to blog and I've got some really exciting posts coming up once I'm back so make sure you stay tuned!!

I've been loving this high waisted bikini from Topshop so much that I've noticed I haven't tanned my stomach and lower back due to wearing it so much haha! This set actually cost me £1.80 including student discount as the pieces were reduced to £1 each around November time. WHAT?!!! I still can't believe I got myself such a great bargain! It's really comfy and flattering even for my figure where my waist isn't defined. The cute little playsuit is from the Coachella edition at H&M it's sooo pretty and looks great on. H&M have really been surprising me with some of their stuff lately, and I can't wait for their collab with Kenzo as their one of my favourite designers. The sandals are my trusty Primark ones which I've had probably for a couple of years now and they're still in perfect condition. I believe they cost me around £5 so they're really cheap and the quality of them is amazing, especially for this kind of price.

What outfits have you been loving recently? Let me know in the comments section down below!

Lots of love,
Maya xo
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